Flange bolts got their name due to the circular flange which is engineered to be right under its head. These flanges distribute the load evenly between the different joints of the structure which is being fastened by it but remember to fasten all the joints using the same dimension of flange bolt. These ensure that the structure being built is impeccably designed for maximum load-bearing capacity. Like we mentioned before, these bolts are used for high strength applications. But if that is combined with the characteristics of stainless steel, then you get one of the most potent fasteners for extreme applications.

It is available in stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel to bear more wear and tear while also making it more corrosion resistant. It can also be purchased in bulk, making it a cost-effective solution for every need.

Size Range:
Metrics: M2 to M120
Inches: 1/4″ to 4.5″
Plain, Zinc, Mech Gal, Hot Dip Gal, PTFE, Molebedum, Phospate

Grades & materials:
MS, 4, 6, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper