6 Different Types Of Quality Fasteners For Wooden Cabinets

What are the best types of fasteners which are effective for woodworking
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  • Fasteners are an essential element in connecting wooden parts. It basically plays an integral role in designing the rigid structural component, cabinets, different furniture, and many more. To attach wood to wood components, there are many other fasteners available. To explore this, let us learn about different types of fasteners.

    Types Of Fasteners

    • Deep threaded screw type

    These screws are known for having a single lead thread that features a small diameter shank. With the help of the deeper line, a high resistance is created against the pull-out forces. The high resistance is significantly more than any standard wood screws. The installers made an elite preference by choosing deep threaded screws to assemble the cabinet hardware.

    There are also various other types of deep threaded screws. For example, type 17 is somewhat similar to the standard deep threaded screws. However, type 17 has a distinct feature; it has a different screw point, unlike the standard one.

    • Nuts and bolts

    You can quickly get different varieties of nuts and bolts available in any shop. As they come in different widths and lengths, that is why it becomes harder to obtain them all. But this distinction made it more valuable than others as it is universally applicable in most components. To establish a solid foundation in fastening, choosing the correct length and the width of nuts and bolts plays a significant role.

    • Large washer head type screwers

    They have the characteristics of having a large immobile and solid washer that is built-in. This feature helps in creating a vast bearing surface to withstand pull-out problems. Their drive usually is Philips, but they can also source another driving style if required for an application.

    • Combo truss head type screw

    They have the feature of the doomed head; combo truss is the machine screws which has a combination of different characteristics namely Philips and flat head drive. The best part of these fasteners is that they are effortless to use for applications.

    • Special Screws for Cabinet Installation

    Special screws used for cabinet installation have a massive surface for bearing that has the attribute of a truss head. It helps eliminate a pull-through and allows the highest torque to the screw. This operation is done to ensure that there would be a suitable fit against the wall. One of the greatest customizations it has is that it could be painted according to the color of the material, a beneficial point for the manufacturer.

    • Dowels

    Dowels are unique fasteners that do not have heads on either side of the thread, which is used for fastening together two pieces of wood while keeping it concealed. The most common work of these screws is to fix the legs of the tables and chairs. It is basically used for any application until and unless two pieces of wood need to be attached while the fasteners persist concealed. However, the pre dilling is an essential step before attaching the pieces with dowels.