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About   Us

Mig Enterprises is an Australian based manufacturer and wholesaler of Fasteners. For more than 2 decades, MIG ENTERPRISES is Pioneer in serving the Australian Industry by supplying quality bolts & nuts. Whether it is a standard or a non standard fastener, Mig Enterprises is committed to supply goods with traceability irrespective of Quantity and Size.

We also take up the manufacturing of fasteners either in small or large batches of various materials including Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel of Various Grades, Brass, Titanium (Grade 2 & 4) and petrochemical fasteners as per the customer’s requirements / Drawings. Nuts & bolts in various surface finishes like Hot Dip Galvanised, Cold Galvanised, Zinc Plated, Xylan Coating etc. are being supplied to various industries. Galvanised Structural Bolts (Grade 10.9) are also available along with the B-7 Bolts. Super Duplex Bolts(Grade 2205 (UNS31803), 2507 (UNS32750), Zeron 100 (UNS S32760) are also supplied along with the standard products. All Thread Rods of different grades like Alloy Steel in heat treated conditions (8.8 / 10.9 / 12.9 / 14.9). Stainless steel etc. in various surface finishes. ACME THREAD Rods in Mild Steel as well as High Tensile with Roll Threads and Cut Threads as per the application.