What are the present and future advancements in fastener technology?

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    We all are living in rapid changes in the terms of technology and work. All over the world, the use of fasteners for the success of the project is important like we need food to go through the daily hassle and keep our energy levels high. But, you need to have quality fasteners to make sure the work is done with precision. For that, you need to get the fasteners from a well-known fastener manufacturer like MIG Enterprises. From nuts to clamps, we are offering the best Fasteners Suppliers in Australia.

    Be it permanent joints, something which can be removed or dismantled without damaging the machine components which are joined. You can make use of the fasteners technology which will change the success of the project. There is no denying the fact that getting the products from a trusted source is going to boost accuracy and packaging designs are specific for each product.

    Current and future advancements in the fasteners technology

    • New alloys which boost the performance factor

    With the use of new alloys, the experts will boost the fasteners models no matter where they are needed. In addition, they are made new which helps in boosting the light and the fasteners’ strength will improve manifolds.

    • Compact and best design

    Well! You can get the miniature fasteners which helps in taking less space which means the installation will be done for the desired space. For different fasteners, applications different industrial metal sheets are used which helps in boosting the strength. With the changes in the fasteners technology for all the solutions, effective results can be obtained. In addition, it will allow us to get the fasteners for each application which provides the efficiency it needs and the project will be the ultimate success.

    • Fasteners Installation during stamping

    With the installation of fasteners during the stamping project, the need for a portable system will be less. By doing so, it allows us to feed and get the installation done on time. With this approach, the need for secondary operations is not needed while inserting the fasteners. In addition, to save your money in the long run, this is the best choice.

    Well! These are just of the few trends which are an important part of the fastener industry. With the energy equipment fasteners, be it any project whether for industry or any other sector the success can be achieved. In the fast-paced market conditions, it is important to keep on going with the trends which are advanced and modern.

    Get the best quality fasteners

    If you are about to start the project but having problems deciding on what to do, then get in touch with the MIG Enterprises experts. Get the necessary information about the type of fasteners, bolts, or anything else you need for the project. MIG brand is known for providing quality and affordable fasteners for all projects. Get in touch with us to know more about the fasteners and which one you need for the project.

    5 common mistakes which you can avoid while using fasteners for the project

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    For the perfect structural design and deployment, the world might crumble if you are not using the fasteners. It is an extremely crucial step which should be done in the right manner as for every occasion there is something specific. MIG Enterprises is a well-known Fasteners Manufacturer serving clients with the best quality fasteners which can work to the best of their capabilities. This is the reason, being the best Fasteners Suppliers in Australia, they always inform the client with the right information so that they do not make any mistake while selecting the fasteners.

    5 common mistakes to avoid while using fasteners

    • Select the right quality of fasteners

    You might not know but you may be selecting the incorrect fasteners for the application. In case, you are using the wrong fastener or wrong application then the final results are not what you are looking for. For Example:

    If you are using the fasteners underwater or close to the sea then you need to prefer stainless steel or galvanized steel which is known for boosting longevity.

    What should you do?

    You should understand the basics of the structure and the component design. In all, you need to make sure that you are aware of the fasteners in and out and then make the final choice.

    • Inaccurate dimensions

    Once you have selected the right material of fasteners, now you need to make sure that you get the dimensions right. Even if there is a minute problem in the structure then it will not give the results you are looking for. If the dimensions are not right then it can lead to:

    • Imbalance

    • Affect the load of the washer

    • Loosening

    • Corrosion

    What should you do?

    To make sure that you select the right type of fastener you should try to have a mockup one and then get the same for the original area.

    • Not using the right tools

    If you select the improper tools then it will greatly affect the structural integrity of the project. Many people think that any type of tool can be used which eventually affects the final results. The function of a screwdriver is not fulfilled by the screw guns.

    What should you do?

    So, make sure that you are using the right type of tool for the specific surface so that the weight is evenly distributed in the place.

    • Not considering the setting

    Settings are important whether it is a washer or flat surface. By doing so, it makes sure that the fasteners are secure in their place. But, when you try to overdrive it, there are high chances that it can lead to microfractures and later on drilling will not be done in the right manner.

    What should you do?

    To do this correctly, you need to make a checklist of what all is required in the structure. Do not think that it is tedious work. If you do this, in the first place it is going to reduce the chances of error.

    • Not considering the safety measures

    Even when you are using the fasteners, you need to make sure that you are implementing the safety measures. You need to use the high-powdered accessories and take the necessary precautions to ensure the work is done correctly.

    What should you do?

    No matter what size, a safety system is important. You can take help from the professionals to make the right choice.

    Why Is The Use Of The Stainless Steel Fasteners Increasing In The Construction Industry?

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    Stainless Steel – The Boon For The Fastening Industry

    Since childhood, science books have all been filled with the benefits of stainless steel. So do we know some of the critical bonus features of getting the things made with this? The Fasteners Manufacturers usually considers carrying out the production of the fasteners by including stainless steel as the hero ingredient. Following are the observed and tested benefits of the stainless steel benefits by Fastener suppliers in Australia.

    Benefits – Stainless Steel Fasteners

    Corrosion – Ohh Please!

    Because of its corrosion-resistant properties, the SS Fasteners are becoming the first choice of all the construction and production industries.

    How Is It Corrosion Free?

    It Has Much More In Store For You

    This chromium component helps the fastener to experience the covering layer of the chromium oxide. The chrome oxide does not let the corrosion affect the fasteners.

    The composition of all the material used in making the fasteners include chromium compounds. But if we talk about the stainless steel fasteners, then this composition gets escalated to about 10%.

    Apart from benefitting you with corrosion-resistant properties, it also helps you to get rid of hydrogen embrittlement.

    You Don’t Worry About The Repairs

    The SS Fasteners have the potential to get self repaired. As we have discussed in the aforementioned points, the chromium layer which gets filmed on the outer layer or the surface of the fasteners helps with the protection of the corrosion.

    But do you know that the work of the chromium does not end here? The layer also inculcates the self-repair properties in the fasteners.

    What If The Dent Or The Scrape Comes To Existence?

    Do Not Get It Wrong

    Case In point

    In case of any sort of physical damage, the damaged parts themselves get revealed to the alloy which is customarily known as the bare alloy. The layer which is exposed encounters the formation of the oxidation layer which helps with protection against the further aggravated stages of the corrosion.

    Corrosion Resistance and Corrosion Proofing, both are different terms indicating the different situations.

    The fasteners despite being made of the stainless steel can become corroded if any of the below-mentioned conditions are being experienced:

    The fasteners are not properly installed in the particular application

    There is no sufficient oxygen present for the exposure.

    Long Life – They Serve You For Long

    It is quite obvious that the stainless steel would facilitate you with the advantage of long term work, as it benefits you with the following properties:

    • Excellent Durability

    • Stainless Steel Fasteners

    • Extreme Temperatures

    Looks Good & Fits Good

    Stainless steel has so many good properties which not only make them a good fit in the applications but also look aesthetically pleasing. If you are working on a professional project, then these fasteners would help you with the better presentation of your project.

    Make Purchases!

    In case you are convinced of the best features of the SS fasteners, then please count on MIG Enterprises for the best quality of the fasteners.

    What Should You Consider MIG Enterprises For Getting Supplied With The Fasteners?

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    MIG Enterprises – Best Fastener Providers

    We are proud to be the Best fastener supplier in Australia. The people who visit us for the first time are sure not only to visit us each time they have to fulfill their fastening needs, but they are sure to refer you to those who want the right kind of fastener for the project. Being the best fastener manufacturer, we are known to provide our customers with the following bonus features.

    To Whom We Supply?

    We supply the fasteners to all the construction industries, Traders and Developers. We are very happy to tell you that the many schools and college students who are in the Technical or the construction field approach us to have the right kind of fasteners.

    We Do Not Only Intend to Escalate Our Sales

    When you are on your way to make your project a success. We shall hold your hand and tighten its grip with the fasteners so that you may not encounter any challenges in the way to success. This is the predominant reason that we are the favourite suppliers of our customers since the professional assistance which the customers get for the carrying out of their plans, is something like treasure to them.

    The Timely Delivery Is What Impresses The Customers The Most

    When the customers place the order for the fastener, our first effort is to present them with great quality and timely delivery. This is the main reason that the customers who are stuck in their projects or who had to over promise the deadline timings with the clients approach us since they know, we shall never disappoint them.

    The Cost-Effective Fasteners

    What more do the customers want if they are being offered the quality at considerably lower prices.

    Made Of the Best Materials

    The fasteners which are offered by us to fill the fastening needs of your project are made with the best quality. Usually, all our fasteners are made with stainless steel except for the ones which are particularly specified by the clients.

    Will Never Leave You Halfway

    If you use the fasteners offered by MIG enterprises, then such problems like corrosion and loosening grip will be encountered. The fasteners are manufactured keeping in mind the best techniques.

    We Provide You As per your specifications

    We have the fasteners as per your specifications. We are just a call away from your specifications. What you have to do is call us and make us a mention of all the specifications and the details.

    Bottom Line

    We are in this industry of fasteners for a longer period. If you want to take the fasteners manufactured for the experienced professionals who check each fastener once it is made, then we would like to self-recommend you, as we are confident to make you glad by fulfilling your fastening requirements.

    Which screw operation oriented machines can help to increase productivity?

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    Being the best fastener supplier in Australia, we offer our customers the following automation machines:

    • Screw Feeder Machine

    • Screw Driving Machine

    • Screw Fastening Machine

    • Screw Tightening Machine

    • Screw Feeding systems

    We want to maintain our reputation of being the fastener manufacturer in the world. In case you want to approach us for any kind of services, you surely can.


    The screw fastening machine is responsible for automating the process of the following:

    • Picking

    • Driving

    • Fastening Screws

    If we particularly talk about certain models, then the screw driving is fixed and the component is supposed to move to approach the fixture. On the other hand, to talk about the movable arm, then its movement will be in the screw fastening direction.


    The screw driving machine is the type of equipment that has an in-built feeder. The screw dispenser is responsible for screwing and aligning in the needed orientation. This orientation is done before transferring the screws to the component where they are supposed to get fastened. As far as the different units are concerned, then these are attached to the separate units.


    • If we consider using the automatic screw fastener in manufacturing, then we can be assured of a high level of precision in the manufacturing process. With the machine, the fixed angles and the sensors can help to make sure that the screws are getting fitted accurately.

    • When it is about automated screw driving, then the production capacity of the assembly line can be boosted. These are accountable for handling the large loads of the screws. Not only this, but the most indispensable benefit is that merely adjusting the spindles and the nozzles, the screws of different lengths and the diameters can be handled.

    • If we consider the use of this machine from the replacement of the manual efforts, then screw fastening is the work which is done on a monotonous basis that can make the individual bored. So the use of the machines in this regard is considered as the best.

    • When it is particularly about the manufacturing process then the predetermined operations and the manufacturing process can be accomplished with the higher consistency in quality.

    • If we know about the multifunctionality of the automated screw machines, then these can complete the varied functions as per the different input directions. By doing this, we can obtain machines that are extremely time saving and convenient.

    • We can enjoy ourselves a lot more. These machines help with the detection of errors and inconsistencies.

    • If machines can be assigned the following minimal effort involving tasks, then the labour could surely be utilised to do more productive jobs.


    If you want to order the above-mentioned automated machines, then please contact us. We shall make you consult with the professional staff who will let you know about the features of the machines. So when are you considering buying those to increase the productivity of your business?

    How are bolts made? What is the role of cold-forging and heat treatment?

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    Bolts are considered as the fundamental components without which engineering and construction remain incomplete. This is the major reason why fasteners manufacturers in Australia follow the advanced and high tech approach. This approach has multiple steps. So the following information is very crucial as it is based on the frequently asked questions to the fastener manufacturers.


    No matter what the size or the shape of the bolts, the basic process remains the same. Beginning by bringing the right shape to the steel wire with the cold forging process. Carried forward by the steel heating process, the strength and durability are enhanced. Then the shipment pacing is carried out. If we talk about the advanced bolt designs, the additional steps keep on getting added with the expansion of the production process.

    Do you know?

    We are one of the leading manufacturers of bolts. We have good designs for the variegated bolts. Apart from that the quality which we bring is highly promising as we are sure of your work done.

    Also, if you want one major reason for choosing us, then we never sell the catalogue parts. The things which we produce are highly customisable. Also, we make sure that we keep the exact specifications in the account.

    You just need to tell us where you are intending to use the particular fastener and based on that we shall present you with a high variety.


    Cold forging is the process that commences with the rods which are made up of large steel wire.

    Do you know?

    The steel grades have been standardised in the country as per ISO-898-1.

    Based on the special tooling, the tight shape is achieved by carrying out the cold forging process. At this point, the steel is moulded. But if we talk about the room temperature, then the series is accountable for getting killed with the highest pressure.


    The tolling can be highly complex which may contain so many different parts. Their number could reach 200. Once these are perfected, then the cold forging process is responsible for the quick production of the bolts. The large volumes and the high uniformity are what is desired after the process.


    If it is about the increased complexity in the bolt designs, then these cannot be contoured with the help of the cold forging alone. Rather some additional turning and drilling will still be required.


    By turning we mean the spinning of the bolt at high speed. But the steel will be cut away to achieve the required shape and design. The bolt will then encounter the holes which will be made by the drilling. If it is essential then the bolts could also get an addition of the washers.


    Heat treatment is nothing but the standard process which helps in making the bolts to the extreme temperatures so that the steel can get hardened.


    Much before the heat treatment gets commenced, threading is applied. There are two methods by which you can apply it. Either you can take the rolling technique into account or the cutting technique.

      • ROLLING

    Rolling is a technique that works the same as cold forging. This involves shaping the bolt by making it run through the die. Afterwards, the steel will be moulded into the threads.

      • CUTTING

    When it is about the cutting, then the threads will be formed either by cutting or removing the steel.


    As the heat treatment is responsible for changing the properties of the steel, it contributes to the easy and cost-effective application of the threading.

    Do you know?

    You will experience better fatigue performance if threading is done after the heat treatment.


    There is a high probability of experiencing minor damage and heat marks after the heat treatment. For this reason, customers usually demand the application of the threading after the heat treatment.


    This process becomes even more expensive because it needs the emergence of the hardened steel at the maintenance of the threads.


    If the length of the bolt is more than ten times more than the diameter of the bolt, only then the heat treatment can revert the steel to the round shape.


    To determine which surface treatment will be chosen, the application of the bolt and the requirement of the customer is taken into the account.


    Usually, corrosion is the main problem experienced by the fasteners, therefore zinc plating will be applied. Usually, for the application, the electrolytic treatment is taken into account.

    In this process, not is submerged in the liquid which contains zinc. Then the electric current will run over it. It helps in the formation of the zinc coating.


    As far as the electrolytic treatment is concerned, then there is an increased risk of getting encountered with hydrogen embrittlement. To get rid of that, zinc flakes are used. These are accountable for coming across with the higher corrosion resistance.


    In case, corrosion resistance is not an issue, then the use of phosphate is one of the brilliant cost-effective options. No sooner than the surface treatment is applied, the bolts in the standardised form get prepared to be packaged up. But if you are considering the advanced designs, then their assembly could take more time such as brackets. Not only this but the bolts also require patching. The patching could either be a locked patch or the liquid patch.

      • LOCK PATCH

    To improve the gripping the threads will be covered with the nylon layer.


    The thread forming torque could significantly be improved with the patching technique.


    Once all the steps are performed, then the bolt is finished. Now what remains, at last, is the quality control which helps with the uniformity and the consistency insurance. This quality control is necessary to be done before packaging.

    What is bolt preload? How bolt preload is the right choice for installation?

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    Guide on Bolt Preload

    For the building construction, there are several things that are required to keep everything in one place. From the best team of fasteners manufacturers, you can get the bolt-nut combinations. Being the best team of Fasteners Suppliers in Australia, we make sure to provide the best options of nuts and bolts.

    The nut’s threads act with the screw’s thread to apply the fasteners & they work on both ends. The resulting tension is known as bolt preload. In simple terms, it is the compression produced with nut tightening with the bolt.

    The amount of weight that can be put on the bolt, will depend on the withstanding which can come in its way. When it is tightened against the material the force is distributed and it will take the load on itself.

    Understanding the terms

    LOAD means the force level which can be put against the fastener assembly. On the other hand, PRELOAD means distributing the force throughout the assembly.

    BOLT PRELOAD means creating tension as the nut works along with the bolt and this helps to keep them together in the one place.

    Why is bolt preload important to understand?

    When you tighten the bolt it will be there in the system when the assembly would easily come apart. When it becomes tight, it will be put against the force and it will be distributed into the material. This way it will work against the load force. Bolted joints have an added strength due to the preload.

    How is the preload important?

    If there is no bolt preload, then the entire burden will be put on the bolt so that it can hold the weight. Adding the preload will greatly reduce the total number of bolts required for one place. Through the use of support, plates will help to hold in the load with ease. Although, make sure the working load is not much as compared to the bolt preload as this easy bolt and support bolt will get the right support.

    Preload is an important part

    No doubt, preload is an important part of the larger mechanical system. Its use is considered in high-performance instruments, like telescopes. With this the buckling is avoided, specifically, you want to make changes that are caused when you need to change the position.

    Get the best quality bolts and fasteners

    No matter which type of fasteners or bolts you need for the project, our team has everything you need to make it a success. Depending on your needs you can ask the team what you need. Our team has successfully delivered the best quality fasteners to many clients all across Australia and other parts of the world.

    Just reach out to our team and they will understand your requirements so that your specifications are fulfilled and this way you will get the best product. Moreover, we provide everything at an economical price. Get ANYTHING that you are looking for.

    What are the different types of fastener material you should choose from?

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    Being a fastener manufacturer, I often come across one common question by clients, ‘What type of fastener should I choose?’ As a well-known fasteners suppliers in Australia, I make sure to give my clients the best of the best information.

    Use of stainless steel

    Stainless steel is an alloy that combines chromium and low-carbon steel. It is different because of its corrosion resistance property. So, during the installation, it will not affect the metal. There are different grades of stainless steel and some of them are more magnetic as compared to others.

    Use of silicone bronze

    Silicon bronze is a mixture of tin, copper, and silicon. Its prime use is seen in environmental applications as it is highly corrosive as compared to a material like wood. Due to this copper-color appearance, it makes the best choice. But, if you are on a budget then it is not the best choice. 

    Use of Brass

    Brass brings together zinc and copper and it has an added feature of strength. Due to its different features, it makes the best choice and it is even electrically conductive. Due to its softness in nature, it is not used that much. Still, it is used in different options due to its appearance.

    Use of aluminum

    Aluminum is a highly corrosion-resistant material and it is a soft and light metal. Its use is limited to certain applications. It is corrosion, friction, and scratch-resistant and does not affect the other materials. Different fasteners can be made with aluminum alloys. It includes magnesium, silicon, zinc, and iron. All of these combined will increase the strength.

    Use of alloy of steel

    Alloy steel is essentially carbon steel which is different due to the addition of various features like manganese, silicon, and chromium. All these combined will improve the strength and it even makes them ductile when heated. Although, keep in mind that the hydrogen embrittlement is increased when the alloy becomes strong

    Choose the best and get the best

    Your project success is of utmost importance, so make sure that you take the final call by consulting the experts. As there are various options, you need to choose one which fits into your application or makes your project right.

    If you need a helping hand, we are here for you. The team will understand the project requirements and if you have any special consideration, then make sure to tell them. As our team has been working in this sector for many years, they will only give you what is best.

    What are the types of stress corrosion cracking? How to do away with that?

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    The fasteners have made their special place in all the industries, that a lot of varieties of the same kind of the fastener is coming into existence. So here arises the point of the confusion. With such a large variety, the people get confused about which fastener they should choose. But it gets even more complicated when you have to choose the alloy which fits considerably best for the proper fastening needs.

    You should not choose the fasteners merely based on their strength. Rather you should find one which is extremely solid, harder, robust, and resistant. You should find resilient materials which are quintessentially essential. Their resistance depends on environmental stress.

    Also, it is required to choose the fasteners which can crack the corrosion. The corrosion can only be fought if the fastener is applied with the greatest resistance.

    Into how many parts, does the stress corrosion cracking is divided?

    • Liquid Metal Embrittlement
    • Chloride SCC
    • Caustic Embrittlement
    • Hydrogen Sulfide SCC

    Do you know

    If it is about the general corrosion resistance, then the fasteners made up of austenitic stainless steel are the best choice.

     Piece of advice

    If you are considering using the Chloride SCC, then before doing so, you have to carefully examine the situations in which they are supposed to be used.

    How can the susceptibility of general corrosion be reduced?

    There has to be some kind of protective coating on the fasteners which are made up of alloy steels. The protective coating can be either of the following types:

    • Cadmium Plating
    • Zinc Plating

    How can the cadmium and the zinc plating help to have the one-needed kind of fastener?

    These plate coatings are only used when the fasteners which are made up of carbon steel need galvanic protection. This practice would not be able to satisfy you if you are using the fasteners in considerably elevated environments.

    In which case is the LME possible?

    The LME is only possible if the zinc and the cadmium are getting used above the melting point temperature.


    Do not use the fasteners which have the protective coating of the zinc and the cadmium in high temperatures.

    Why us?

    At MIG Enterprises, you will get the fasteners as per your specifications and requirements. We make sure that we do everything as far as the size, kind, and shape are concerned. We aim at impressing you by incorporating the advanced features in our services like custom packaging, same-day shipping, effective delivery of custom orders, and many more.


    Which factors are majorly responsible for contributing to the bolt failure?

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    The most frustrating time for the engineers is when they experience themselves depressed with the problems of the bolt failures. You will be glad to know that you can prevent this from happening by taking some precautionary measures into account beforehand. You need to consider certain factors in account, before applying pressure on the fasteners.


    The functioning of the bolted joints is accountable for strengthening and securing the connections of the bolt.

    So let us discuss the pressure applied to the bolts

    Stress on the bolts

    If you overstress the bolt, then surely you will encounter bolt failure. The service life of the bolts is hugely dependent on the factor of whether you are making the bolts to bear the right amount of loads or not.

    As far as stress is concerned, these are of the three types:

      • Internal stress:

    The internal stress is accountable for keeping the bolted joints in the proper place.

      • External stress

    When any kind of external stress is causing the bolts to get burdened, then it is termed as the external force.

      • Static Force

    When both the ends are pulled together, then it is known as static stress.

    Important Tip

    To make sure that the bolts do not cause a hindrance to your project, you need to check whether they are not overturned or tightened.

    What do we mean by bolt fatigue?

    Bolts are usually designed to stay for a long time. This means that their service life is so long that they cannot ditch in between. But if you make it get fatigued, then bolts can get tired or exhausted and thus result in failure.

    What do you mean by the BOLT CORROSION?

    Sometimes the bolts have to cope up with the difficult environmental conditions which are usually incompatible. Exposure to the following increases the risk of corrosion:

      • Naturally Blending Chemicals
      • Metal Products
      • Oxygen


    The bolts which are fitted in the automobile components are on verge of risk of getting corroded because they are exposed to the following;

      • Engine Leaks
      • Fluids

    Also know

    Corrosion can be caused in any of the bolts used in the following:

      • Structural applications
      • Mechanical applications
      • Construction applications

    What do we know about the Bolt Thread issues?

    When the bolt gets tightened, there is an emergence of the two kinds of threads. And when this happens, the threaded part of the bolt encounters some kind of stress.

    How is under designing responsible for the bolt failure?

    The bolt should be designed as per the load-bearing capacity. This can be illustrated with the help of an example:

    If the bolt is capable of bearing only 1 tonne of the force, but the faulty design has made it somehow bear the 1.5 tonnes of the force, then it is also an extremely disturbing condition for the bolts.

    Is the exposure of the hydrogen bad for the function of the bolts?

    Yes, certainly it is. The metal of the bolts gets giggly affected when it is exposed to hydrogen. It becomes brittle.

    Which measures can be taken into account to prevent the bolts from encountering failures?

      • First of all, the design of the bolt needs to be assessed.
      • Also, evaluate all the factors of the environment where the bolt is going to be used.
      • Make sure that the bolt is getting the ideal heat treatment.
      • The plating of the hydrogen ought to be designed very meticulously as it is important for avoiding the embrittlement caused by the hydrogen.
      • The choice of the right kind of thread can also save you from coming up with the issue of bolt failure.