What are the types of fasteners and how are they used in different projects?

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    Fasteners are helpful to join 2 or more objects with each other, which can be permanent or non-permanent. With the fastener manufacturer, you can get the different fasteners and each of them has its purpose.

    Permanent Fasteners

    It includes rivets and nails which helps to join the material with each other permanently. If you remove the fastener then it destroys it.

    Non-Permanent fasteners

    This includes the bolts and screws, which are an important part of industrial projects.

    Threaded Fasteners

    Threaded fasteners are the most common option which is best in assembling options due to the ease as the installation and uninstallation will be done. The threaded fasteners are divided into 3 main types:

    • Screws
    • Bolts
    • Studs

    Bolts have a head on one part and the other end is threaded. This is mostly used in conjunction with a nut and this helps to stay in one place. Screws are the same as bolts as the head on one and thread on the other.

    Studs are threaded from both ends and there is no head in it. It allows the components to get joined with each other and threaded from internally. The threads have 2 major standards which include:

    • ANSI
    • ISO

    Types of Threaded Fastener

    Bolts and Set Screws

    Bolts and Set Screws contain a hexagonal head along the thread and it can be used in different methods. Like with a nut and threaded hole. Bolts have a shank below the head and up the head it is threaded.

    Carriage Bolts

    It is also referred to as cup square hex bolts and the head is extremely round & beneath it, there is a square. With this, the metal to wood will be kept secure in one place.

    Eye Bolts

    Eyebolts have a circular ring and it allows the rope to get fixed with each other or chain to the surface.


    U-bolts are helpful to attack objects which are round like tubes and pipes. It can be attached to the wall or any other surface.

    Wood Screws

    For a tapered point or smooth shank, it is the ideal choice. You can use them with wood and they are available in different shapes like slotted, pozidriv, or Philips.

    Button, Socket Cap, and Countersunk.

    Grub Screws

    Grub screws come under the category of the special screw and there is no presence of a head with it. Their use will help to stop the rotation or movement between more than one part.


    Nuts are used in combination with bolts and the most preferred option is Hexagonal nuts. For different projects, there are different options.

    Hex Nuts

    It is an internal thread with a hexagonal nut. It is one of the most preferred and is used in various applications and industries.

    Lock Nuts

    Locknuts are used when there is a need for locking but no need to clamp them with other objects. Other nuts are shear nuts, wing nuts, and nylon insert nuts.



    Everything about the Industrial fasteners market globally and India 2018 to 2023

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    Global industrial fasteners market

    Fasteners are a reliable choice to join the 2 parts together through nuts and bolts, screws, clips, washers, clamps, and other items. With the best fasteners manufacturer, you will get a quality product that makes your project a success. The expertise of the fasteners suppliers in Australia will ensure that the final delivery is made on time.

    MIG enterprises are highly fragmented and they are highly competitive with large and small-scale manufacturing companies which are operating in different parts of the world.

    Increase in market value

    Stats have shown that market value is expected to reach the value of INR 7076. With the increased demand for fasteners in the automotive industry along with the manufacturing, construction is increasing in different countries which includes:

    • Brazil

    • China

    • Saudi Arabia

    • Indonesia

    • Australia

    • India

    It is noted that the demand is going to increase with time and most importantly the quality products are what the consumers are looking for.

    Asia-Pacific with the largest market for fasteners in 2017

    Studies have shown that the major share of fasteners was under this area. One of the major reasons for growth is that construction activities are increasing & automobile manufacturing is on the rise.

    One of the issues with the market growth is seen due to elasticity & differentiation among raw materials like stainless steel, copper, and alloys.

    India industrial fasteners market

    India is also on the list of manufacturing a wide-range of fasteners. Various types of fasteners are included like the standard hexagon screws & bolts, balance wheel bolts, socket shoulder screws, weld nuts, self-tapping screws, square nuts, and much more.

    Market segmentation

    The fasteners market is divided on different bases like product type, market organization, and application basis. The automotive sector is one of those which is the largest one. After that, the engineering and construction sector is on this list.

    Considering the given scenario, the preference is given to stainless steel, aluminum, iron, nickel, composite, brass, and plastics.

    Which are the key growth factors?

    Demand of automobiles

    With the increased demand for automobiles driving the growth of the auto, ancillary is on the rise. The demand for fasteners is seen for the molding, suspension system, molding, chassis, engines, wheels, and much more.

    Quality products

    Most importantly, the products are of good quality which ensures increased longevity. If not, then it increases the chances of accidents that are under catastrophic situations.

    Demand-supply forces

    The steel price is determined as per the demand-supply and the price of international forces. Through this, the prices are also under your budget and everyone can be benefited through it greatly.

    Make the wise choice

    You need to get a proper understanding of the Indian and global industrial fasteners market. Doing so will help you understand the market properly and what will be the current situation. It is better to strategize everything, look for market expansion, market-entry, and look at other business plans which ensure the market is getting all the benefits they need.

    Mini Fasteners Benefits – Reduced cost & waste and Lightweight & compaction

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    Have you ever thought what if the small screws and fasteners would not have been there? Then the engineers would have to spend a lot of time in planning the outline of the gadgets that could facilitate the parts of the equipment or machine together easily and that can be disassembled easily if there is a need. To contribute to the convenience of the engineers and to motivate them to come up with the nicest applications and designs of the equipment, fasteners suppliers in Australia, MIG Enterprises which are very renowned for providing quality services to the users. The subsequent benefits are listed by the best fasteners manufacturer of Australia regarding the small screws and fasteners.

    • Contributed to allaying the cost for repair

    From eyeglasses to the power cable of our system, everything makes use of the tiniest fasteners. Think what would have happened if there were no tiny fasteners and the engineers were life t with no other option than the use of either the adhesives or welding?

    Can you realise how much we had to pay for even the minute repair work? Because the adhesives and the welding permanently join the party and they need a lot of effort to detach the part, get it repaired and weld or glue it again.

    We can also get acquainted with the indispensability of the small fasteners when we take into account the mobile phones or tablets which are no doubt made up of several tiny parts which all are joined together with the use of these fasteners.

    • Help to reduce the manufacturing waste

    As we have discussed that the use of the fasteners has contributed to laying the costs. But we would like to mention here that not only the cost is reduced but it also helps to do away with the unnecessary waste material that is being used if the engineers take into account the use of the welding and adhesives.

    We do know that video games, mobile phones, computer parts and laptops are made of minute components which are joined together with the help of the fasteners. But if so many tiny parts are to be joined with the help of the adhesives and glue, then it would take longer.

    • Lighter products

    Discussing the comparison of the adhesives or weldings with the mini fasteners gets us to the point of making the product extremely lighter. We can conclude by buying ourselves that the use of which type of joining material will result in a lightweight product.

    But think what if these mini-screws were not used in mobile phones, then how heavy material we have to carry in our pockets. Even we could not take the selfie with our free hands because we may find it difficult to hold it with a single hand.


    The use of the tiny fasteners not only help you to make your product lighter, easy repair oriented and less waste consuming, rather it also helps the industry owners to derive more productivity from their employees.

    Get quality custom bolts and fasteners for construction & Heavy Equipment

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    Custom Bolts & Fasteners for Heavy Equipment & Construction

    MIG Enterprises provide a high-efficiency and premium range of custom bolts and fasteners for heavy equipment and construction. Being the No. 1 fasteners manufacturer in Sydney, customers rely on us for the durable and quality product for the construction and other necessary equipment. As we have taken the responsibility of being the best Fasteners Suppliers in Australia, so our major focus is on safety and ensuring the projects complete on time or even before the due date. Here’s is the breakdown of what we offer to the customers:

    • With our team, you can get custom fasteners as per your need and specifications. The supply metric fasteners are in grades 10.9 and 12.9 from M6 to M100.

    • All your needs are kept in mind and then necessary products are supplied with premium grades. Also, the plating need is met to ensure the product does not get corrode and your investment lasts for a long time.

    Custom Bolts

    A bolt is a type of fastener that has an external male thread. It is combined with a nut which allows to put together 2 components in a place. In the future, if repair or maintenance is needed, it can be removed easily or installed again. In the industrial sector, bolts are a vital part of several fastening applications.

    MIG enterprises are giving their services to different sectors as per their need. The custom bolts are an important part of the electronics, automotive, heavy equipment, construction, transportation, marine, and many other sectors.

    Get bespoke product

    In many projects, quick assistance is needed from a bolt manufacturer. If you are in search of the same, then we are here for you. Our made-to-order bolts are perfect in every metric an inch. You can get it constructed from stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum A286, carbon steel, and much more. Moreover, the custom-made bolts have the perfect finish and they are corrosion resistant.

    Custom fasteners

    The need for custom-made products is increasing with time. The right kind of expertise is needed to get the best product which is as per your requirement. Along with custom bolts, our team can give you custom fasteners. We have a wide variety of products which includes knobs, washers, inserts, bolts, screws, lockouts, and any other options.

    We will be there for you from prototype through inventory management. These difficult parts should be available with ease and that’s what we are here for you. Being the best fasteners companies, have helped us to give the customers with premium products and that what we aim for every project.

    Talk to the experts

    If you are in search of custom fasteners and bolts for your next project, then you don’t have to look any further. Our team is here for you to help you get the product that completes your project on time and most importantly the quality is not hampered. For more information, get in touch with our team.

    Types of screws – Wood, Machine, Lag, Sheet-Metal, Twinfast & Security

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    The most flexible solution for the joining of two or more than two parts is the use of screws. The common characteristic which can easily be found in all the screws is the surrounding of the long shaft with the threading that is particularly spiral or helix. According to the fastener manufacturers, to bring about the ultimate perfection and finish, one should make use of the right kind of screws. If the engineer is confused about which screw will fit best the requirements and specifications of his project then he need not worry because the professional assistance of the MIG Enterprises, the best fastener suppliers in Australia help those engineers to determine which screw should they be choosing.


    • Wood screws
    As the name itself suggests that wood screws are used to join the pieces of the wooden applications. One must be wondering why only this kind of screw is used for wooden projects. Then it is because of the sharp point which makes the screw able enough to pierce through the depth of the wood.

    • Machine screws
    Machine screws are particularly used in the application which is heavy-duty emphasised. From the name, we have already guessed that these kinds of screws have everything to do with the machines only. A stove Bolt is the one kind of screw that comes under the subcategory of the machine-screws.

    • Lag screws
    These screws are the ones that are coated with zinc. These are usually available in jumbo sizes. If you have heard about the coach bolts or the lag bolts, then it is relevant to mention here that these are the other names for the lag screws. Either hot-dip galvanization or electroplating is relied on for the application of the zinc as the top coated layer.

    • Sheet Metal screws
    The name implies that this kind of screw can only be used in sheet metal, but these can also be used in wooden applications. Because of the threading at the top of the shank, these are considered an ideal kind of screw for the sheet metal because of the easy digging feature.

    • Twinfast screw
    One must be wondering, in which context the name twin fast is being used. Because of its feature that includes the use of a pair of threads rather than a single one. The contribution of this feature has made the use of these screws even more advantageous since these can be driven into the material at double the speed as compared to the conventional screws. If you are also influenced by the myth that says that the twin fast screws can only be used for the drywall, then get yourself corrected at this point, because these can also be used in the applications.

    • Security Screw
    Security screws are the most needed screws because of their design. The efficient outlining does not allow provocation of any unethical act by tampering with the application or trying to remove the security application.

    If you want to place an order for any of the above-mentioned screw types, then count on us for efficient services. Our professional help is always ready to assist you in the matter.


    Get the right type of Bolts, Nuts and screws for your project or application

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    As we know there are many kinds of fasteners used in the automotive and the construction industry. Sometimes, it is needed to get custom fasteners built and this can efficiently be carried out by the fastener suppliers in Australia. For bringing about a precise finish in the application or a project, there is a need to choose the right kind of fastener. If you are finding it difficult to choose the best one for your project, you should take professional assistance from the best fastener manufacturer.

    • Types of Bolts

    • Carriage bolts

    Carriage bolts are also known as coach bolts.

    • Hex head bolts

    The following categories are available as far as the hex head bolt is concerned:

    • Hex serrated

    • Hex tap bolts

    • Hex cap screws

    The predominant feature because of which it is sold in the market is the hexagonal head which is usually a perfect fit for certain applications.

    • Machine screws (Stovers)

    Whenever any bolt or screw appears to be having a flat point, then it is a machine screw.

    • Shoulder bolts ( Stripper bolts)

    These are the bolts that are advantageous because these can either be installed through a driver or by hand.

    • Socket cap screws

    These are available in the following categories:

    • Socket cap

    • Flat socket

    • Button socket

    • Button flange socket


    There are also the following type of bolts available:

    • Socket cap screws

    • Socket Set ‘Grub’ Screws

    • Square Head bolts

    • Types of screws

    • Deck screws

    Deck screws are most-customarily used in wooden materials or furniture because of their bugling head and square drive.

    • Hex lag screws ( Lag bolts)

    These are particularly used whenever the wooden floor is being laid out. Besides, their use in heavy-duty applications is customary.

    • Self-drilling screws


    • Inclusion of the sheet metal thread

    • Self-drilling abilities

    • Piercing abilities


    • Sheet metal screws

    • Wood screws

    Types of Nuts

    • Cap nut ( Acorn nut)

    This nut is particularly used whenever there is a need to get prevented with the contact of the external thread.

    • Castle nuts (Slotted nut)

    This is used in low-torque oriented applications where there is a need to avoid loosening of certain parts.

    • Coupling nuts

    This kind of nut is used in the situation when two male threads are to be fastened.

    • T-Nuts

    These are used to join or fasten the following:

    • Wood

    • Particle

    • Composite


    • Flange Serrated Nuts

    • Hex Jam and finish nuts

    • Heavy hex or machine nuts

    • Keeps-K Lock and knurled thumb nuts

    • Nylon (Hex Jam & Insert Lock) Nuts

    • Stover and slotted hex nuts

    • Square and T-Nuts

    • Breakaway or Wingnuts

    • Types of washers

    • Backup rivet washer

    Whenever there is a requirement to prevent the pull-through of a rivet, then particularly backup rivet washers are taken into account.

    • Dock Washers

    Dock washers are used in the following:

    • Building of docks

    • Heavy-duty construction activities


    • Belleville Conical and fended washers

    • Finishing cup and flat washers

    • Lock and NAS Washers

    • Structural and square washers


    If you are interested in placing your order for any of the above-mentioned fasteners, then instantaneously consult with our professionals telephonically.

    Why is there an increased demand for fasteners and dynamic components?

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    In this blog, we are going to discuss the increased demand for fasteners and dynamic components in Australia. In case you are looking for it, then make sure to contact the fasteners manufacturer who can give you the quality products at an affordable price.

    60-hp Pumps

    One of the projects was done whose main aim was to understand how does the facility maintenance program rank. The main aim was to assist the end-user in the basic vibration monitoring program. In the first round of data collection, the maintenance team noticed that the small-frame pumps were running at a high vibration level.

    • At the scale’s lower end – it was greater than 1 to 1.5 millimetres per second for all monitoring points.
    • The alarm was set at 2.5mm/s and the shutdown at the 3mm/s.

    For the recent outage, the vendor was hired to correct and check the pump alignments. Initially, everything was at a smooth rate but with time the process got rougher. Later the facility was asked whether the alignment is being checked or not. The answer was ‘NO’.

    Once the facility checked the alignment the predictive maintenance team started with the soft foot check, the mounting bolt is loosened, and it was checked whether if there any lift. It was shocking to notice that the 135-pound technician could loosen the motor mounting bolts with a 10-inch crescent wrench. It also came to light that the bolts have never been tightened.

    What does this mean?

    If the bolts are not tightened with time, they are likely to become loose. Bolt was not tight and the motor shifted with time which resulted in:

    • Alignment issues
    • Resulting in a higher vibration

    Well! It means that the torque of the mounting fasteners or lease needs to be tightened from time to time. This is done so that everything is in its place.

    300-hp Pump

    On the site, a transfer system was installed to move the liquid waste over several miles from one storage place to another. The projected dollar was in the millions and the vibration was held on the placed by the booster pumps.

    The high vibration was not because of the alignment problem but this was due to the resonance problem. Although the common causes were checked related to vibration issue like:

    • Alignment
    • Loose nuts & bolts
    • Electrical and Structural issues

    It was found that the motor mounting washers are neither rated nor graded fasteners which is important for the proper functioning. The issue was found while checking the bolt tightness and torqued the bolts as per the specific criteria. When the washer was pulled the alignment could get affected.

    Correct easy of faster Installation method

    For securing motors, mounted bearings, and motor-mounting plates, or any items which help in supporting the shaft and velocity was reached 1500 feet per minute. Fasteners of Grade 5 must be used.

    Heating treatments for the fasteners to make it assume the custom features

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    Different applications do have different requirements for these fasteners, some may need extreme resistance from the corrosion while others may want to include the marine characteristics to the fasteners. For this, your fastener manufacturer should be adept enough to provide you with the necessary characteristics in the fasteners. Fastener suppliers in Australia are recognized because of their positive response in satisfying the customers with the ultimate level of customisation in the fasteners.

    The nature of the fastener can be ameliorated just by modifying its features to the slightest to meet the requirement of the client.

    How does the nature of the fastener be rectified?

    The nature of the fastener can be rectified by giving it a heat treatment which is followed by the extreme temperature to cool it to make it come in a form that we require.

    How many types of heat treatment are there?

    There are quintessentially five kinds of heat treatments that aim at bringing about even the slightest alteration in either the internal or external structure. The following treatments are the ones that are recognized for the best results:

    • Hardening

    When there is a need for the harder material, then the heating process is a much-counted one as it includes the steps in which the alloy is supposed to be heated at the overhead temperature & the process is terminated as soon as the generation of the congruent solid solution comes to existence.

    • Case Hardening

    As the name itself suggests that the case ( Exterior) is to be hardened. The special point about this process is we can make the exterior quintessentially robust by not making changes in the internal characteristics of the following

    • Metal
    • Socket
    • Fastener
    • Screw
    • Annealing

    If the need for your project demands the fastener that ahs any or all the following mentioned characteristics, then annealing is the process that will be taken into account:

    • Mitigate d hardness
    • Escalated ductility
    • Withdrawal of Internal stresses

    Annealing is a stratagem that is vitally useful to ameliorate or even bring about little changes in either chemical or physical structure, or even both of them.

    • Normalising

    If your project will reveal the aesthetic of the fasteners, so there is a need to come up with something like a fine grain structure. To carry out this objective, normalising is what you are looking forward to.

    • Tempering

    This is a process that focuses on heating the following in either air on the vacuum at a temperature that should be quintessentially below the critical point:

    • Metals
    • Fasteners
    • Screws
    • Sockets

    Frequently asked questions about the manufacturing of the custom bolts

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    We are aware of the fact that the bolts are the quintessential elements of the hardware and the construction industry. According to the fastener suppliers in Australia, that no doubt if the production technique of the bolts has become so modified and advanced which is accompanied by numerous steps which aim at bringing about additional durability and robustness, but we can still make the bolts from the raw steel by following the simple mechanism. The fastener manufacturer in Australia makes use of a variety of techniques to make bolts. One of those techniques is mentioned below:

    Does the size of the bolts produce an effect on the technique of production?

    No matter what is your requirement and specification about the size and the shape of the bolt, the primary technique to manufacture the bolt is the same.

    What is the fundamental mechanism to make the bolts?

    The fundamental mechanism to build the bolts includes the wiring of the cold forging steel in a specific shape and size. The further steps involve the techniques which incorporate the following:

    Heat treatment for the amelioration of the strength

    Surface treatment for the enhancement of the durability

    If the client wants the advanced outline of the bolts, still the process to make the bolts will remain the same?

    To come up with the advanced and the modified designs of the bolts, the stratagem can include the additional steps.

    Why should you purchase the bolts from MIG Enterprises?

    The following features will convince you about why should you choose MIG Enterprise for bolt manufacturing services:

    The first and foremost feature that makes us league apart from other competitors is that we offer the customisation services which is the need of the day because nowadays the improved applications need the installation of the custom bolts.

    The experiences and proficient staff of the MIG enterprise are well-versed to carry out each step with perfection.

    When does the need to carry out the drilling or turning occur?

    When the cold forging technique is not able to contour the complicated designs of the bolt, there arises the need to make the bolt spin at a higher speed and to cut the steel to provide the right structure to the bolt which is carried out by turning. To make holes through the bolt, then there is a need to make use of the drilling.

    How is steel hardened?

    Hardening of the steel is carried out by heat treatment which incorporates the procedure in which the bolts are supposed to be exposed to the quintessentially extreme temperatures.

    When does the bolt require surface treatment?

    The surface treatment is required by the bolt whenever corrosion resistance is the main concern which is aimed to prevent through the zinc-plated coating. Whenever corrosion resistance is not the main concern, then one should switch to the cost-effective solution and that is the use of phosphate.


    MIG enterprises always provide you with the cost-effective customisation of bolts. Besides our professional assistance is always there to help you whether the requirement of the bolt for your project is appropriate or not.

    Which factors help to choose which fastener is suitable for your project?

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    When we talk about choosing the fasteners, then the immediate thing which clicks in our mind is that it is easy to do so since these are considered the ones which do possess the low priority. But according to the fastener suppliers in Australia,” The fasteners are the indispensable components which are used in the home appliances, furniture and even the cell phones. If these factors would not have been there then there will be only dispersed elements of something and they can not be bound together until these are accompanied by the fasteners. Nevertheless, the technology is advancing at a rapid pace, so does it require the fasteners of the modern structure and characteristics. On account of that MIG Enterprises, a fastener manufacturer has passionately committed to providing the industry with the best fasteners.

    So in the ensuing information, we are going to discuss some of the important factors which are required to take into account whilst sourcing fasteners:


    Material is quintessential because it does not only influence the cost of the fastener but it is also vital for taking into account whether these are fit to be used in particular applications. Because some materials are good for specific purposes while others are good for some other purposes.

    The fasteners of the following material are used and are made in the MIG Enterprises by crucially taking care of the quality aspect:

    • Steel
    • Stainless steel
    • Brass
    • Silicon Bronze
    • Aluminium

    According to our experience, the clients whose business nature require the fastener with sturdy and robustness features takes into account the fasteners made up of steel. On the other hand, the clients whose products are likely to experience the layers of corrosion, are sure to take into account the stainless steel. Silicone bronze is critically better for marine engineering. If weight is a constraint for you, then your first choice should be aluminium fasteners.


    • Coatings are particularly used for the following purposes:
    • If you wish to enhance the feature of the corrosion resistance
    • If you wish to decrease the feature of corrosion resistance
    • If you want your fastener to be aesthetically pleasing

    Subsequent are the methods by which the coating of the fasteners can be carried out:

    • Zinc plating
    • Chrome plating
    • Hot-dip galvanizing


    As per the specifications of your application and the project you need to decide which type of fastening material is wanted by you:

    • Bolts
    • Screws
    • Nuts
    • Washers
    • Clips
    • Pins


    Size is also a predominant factor that is to be taken into account. If the fastener which is to be used in the specific project is not of the correct size, then there are huge chances of whether the project will experience some complication. In most cases, the use of the wrong sizes of the fasteners has always resulted in the disbursement of the elements when the application is functioning.


    It is not always necessary for you to visit a manufacturer to buy the fastener, you can even buy the same from some other channels like distributors. So in this regard, if you need to buy the fasteners in large volumes, then you should visit the manufacturer, otherwise, they can also be bought from the distributors.