What are the differences you need to understand between bolts and screws?

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    If you go through the wordfinder, then you will notice that there is no difference between screws and bolts. It is easy to combine all things but in the process of doing that many important features are left out. Being the maestro of Fasteners Suppliers in Australia, we ensure that the customers are aware of what they are purchasing. For years we have been serving the clients and this has made us reach to the top as the Fasteners Manufacturer.

    Understanding the difference

    If you see them through the naked eyes, you won’t find any major difference between the 2. Well! It is not merely about the threaded fixings and the presence of the head for fastener tightening. There are a whole lot of other things present in it.

    Do you know?

    There is no need of threading the bolt to the end as there is a plain portion in it. On the other hand, the screw needs to be threaded to the head end.

    What is a screw?

    The screw installation is made on the tapped hole, provided that the one you are using is a self-tapping screw that will thread on its own.

    No need to be bothered about getting the nuts. They will be fixed into the place by tightening them into the hole with the driver bit or screwdriver.

    The size of the screws is shorter in width as compared to the material which they need to be screwed into. This way, they won’t come out hanging out from the other side.

    What is a screw?

    Bolts manufacturing is done so that they can be fixed into the specific type of nut.

    The bolt hole is not opened up as the bolt is pushed inside and secured in the place through the nut into the material which needs to be fastened.

    The bolt is longer as compared to the material width as it needs to come out from the other side so that it can be screwed into the nut.

    The bolt material which is inside will increase the strength and it will easily bear the resistant forces which are not possible with the threaded screws.

    Spanner or other tool is used for the fastening which grips the head till the time the nut is getting tight.

    Use of bolts and screws for the security applications

    When security is of pivotal importance, the bolts and screws are needed to make the applications being used properly and maintaining the security.

    For instance:

    If there is no need for removal then shear bolts make the right choice.

    If there is removal fixing, then the head is an important consideration as the drive which needs to be removed & fixed is not found easily.

    Security drivers are there which needs to match the security screw head. This way any type of tempering won’t be done. For the ultimate security, they are an important consideration.

    Talk to the experts

    If you are looking for a range of security fasteners and general fixing material. If you are unsure about which fastener you need then our team is here to assist you with the issue you have.

    6 prime types of fasteners which are provided by the fasteners suppliers

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    The construction industry makes use of fasteners in almost all projects for a very long period. The companies which are supposed to provide the construction services are pleased to use these fasteners because of their ability to robustly attach two or more two objects in a way that they can facilitate the detachment and attachment services. Fasteners manufacturers always aim at bringing forth fasteners that could be both trustworthy and sturdy. Fasteners Suppliers in Australia are the ones who have significantly created their mark in a particular industry. So let us discuss the variegated kinds of fasteners which are provided by us.

    Various kinds of construction fasteners

    There are particularly numerous kinds of fasteners. Each of the fasteners is supposed to perform a particular role in the variegated construction works.


    An anchor is a material that is used to group the following types of material in the concrete:

    • Structural
    • Non-Structural

    There are so many kinds of anchors that they are divided into sundry categories & groups. Nevertheless, all the anchors do have one thing in common and that is the threaded ends are conveying thee facility to be attached to either a nut or a washer.


    Stud is that kind of fastener who is recognized to be having the characteristics of externally threaded specifically with no head. Any one of both ends is capable of being affixed with a standard nut and the other one particular with any of the tapped components.


    This is a kind of a fastener that facilitates to be used as it is or specifically in the sequence with the nuts. This fastener is capable of being fitted in a slot or in a hole that is brought about specifically by drilling. The bolt is supposed to be holding two or more fragments of the material together.


    As we’ve discussed in the point of the bolt, the primary use of the nuts is brought about in the bolts. These assist the nuts to peculiarly fit & grip the attached components with extreme robustness.


    The predominant use of screws is found in wooden applications. They are supposed to be additionally used in the materials that are to be eliminated. The fundamental structure of the screw contains a provision that is flexible in adjustment and the presence of the helical thread which is customarily located on its surface is supposed to prick into the material.


    Washers are defined as the thin plates that do have a hole that help them to allocate the weight along with a load of particularly the threaded fastener such as a bolt or a nut. These fasteners are used in the following:

    • Spacers
    • Springs
    • Wear Pads
    • Locking devices

    For accomplishing your projects, if you need the above-mentioned fasteners, then please contact us. We would not only provide you with the required material but will also guide you about which fastener is particularly best for the specific project.

    Fasteners Manufacturing: Bolts, Nuts, Screws

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    If you wish to attach the two components of a machine that has lined up holes, then you would carry out that purpose with the help of bolts. Fasteners manufacturer in Sydney alims at providing high-quality bolts, screws and other fastening material. We ease your mechanised works by offering you the following;


    • Anchor bolts

    These bolts are used in the industry that demands the sturdy attachment of variegated objects.

    • Carriage Bolts

    These bolts are used when a metal is supposed to be fixed with the wood. They have the following indispensable characteristics:

      • Smooth Rounded Head
      • Square Section

    Having possessed the quality of the square section, it becomes quintessentially skimpy to turn the bolts

    • Hex Bolts

    These are the customarily used and admired bolts. They come up in preponderant metric sizes. You are facilitated with the characteristic of possessing standard dimensional inches.

    • Roundhead bolts

    The use of the round head bolts is observed mostly in the joining of wood. These have the familiar emergence with the carriage bolts. But a slight difference is observed in the features. The carriage bolt is supposed to have a square taper underneath the domed bolt head but Round head bolts do not have so.

    • U Bolts

    As the name of the bolts envisions us about its appearance. These are the bolts that do have U-letter emergence. They are administered with two threaded sections placed at commencing and terminating points.


    • Locknuts

    The lock nuts can be bought in sundry shapes. There are the following predominant varieties of the locknuts:

      • Nylon Inserts
      • Serrated Hex flange
      • Metal locknuts
    • Coupling nuts

    The leading use of these nuts can be brought up when a need arises to attach two male threads. These are used to satisfy the purpose of incorporating an additional length to the installed product. Following features made it the most admired and work-satisfying fastener:

      • Good length
      • The ultimate and finished cylindrical shape
    • Hex nuts

    As the name itself suggests the shape of these nuts would be hexagonal. These are considered all-rounder nuts as this help to finalise many pieces of industrial works. There are so many categories of this type which are listed as subsequent:

      • Slotted hex
      • Heavy hex
      • Hex Jam
      • Hex flange
      • Semi-finished hex
      • Finished hex
    • Wheel nuts

    From the name itself, we can guess the use of these nuts. These usually fall in the category of automotive fasteners.


    • Wood screws

    For satisfying the purpose of joining two wooden divisions, these are the first choice of the carpenters because they offer sturdy and robust attachment.

    • Lag Screws

    Because of the following features, these are admired and used in variegated purposes:

      • Jumbo size
      • Zinc coating
    • Twin fast Screws

    These are called twin fast screws because they are having two threads while other screws have only one. These are customarily used for installation purposes or hanging drywall.

    • Security screws

    These are used whenever there is a need to get something protected from tampering or removal. These do not have any head and facilitates you with the reversing and elimination from attached parts.