What are the best types of security screws which are suitable for the project?

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  • Guide on Security Screws

    Security screws are an important option as these are tamper-proof and can be used for securing equipment like jail grills, license plates, ATMs, cars, and other equipment. If you are on the lookout for the best security screws, then your first preference is to find the best Fasteners Manufacturer in your area. MIG Enterprises is one of the well-known brands as the best Fasteners Suppliers in Australia who is known for serving the clients with the quality and affordable type of security screws.

    What are security screws?

    Security screws are tamper-resistant which means taking them apart by the stand drivers is not possible. In addition, the security screws are unique from one batch to another, and there is a special driver. Let’s talk you through the different types of security screws.

    What are the types of security screws?

    One-way screws

    One-way screws are known by the name of irreversible screws. These are unique in terms of drive style which means that the driver will be taken out in one direction. In case, the driver moves the head in the wrong direction then there will be a problem. This is the reason, manufacturing is done in the quadrants so that proper momentum is there. For the perfect installation, there is a need for the standard slotted bit. No standard tool can be used for its removal, and this is where the corresponding removal tool will help. These screws can be used for different places and their reliability is the reason, they are the best choice.

    Spanner security screws

    Spanner security screws are known by the name of snake eye which is elegant. In addition, its corresponding drill bit is unique, and it comes with a 2-dot drive system. The screws of this type are suited for public installation protection, and this is the reason one-way screws are not needed. These are best suited for bathroom staples and jail grills. Their manufacturing is done tamper-proof, and these are best to pair up with the spanner. It allows them to remove them safely and these are protected by the screws.

    Torx security screws

    Torx security screws are another great option that comes with six lobes and pins. These are driven by the security bits which are great in terms of safety and also installation is carried smoothly along with removal. Along with the lobs, these also offer tamper-resistance property which adds security to a great extent.

    Tri-groove security nuts

    These security screws have a tampered diameter which ensures nuts are tamper-proof. So, any unwanted attempt cannot tamper with these nuts. Not only that, the installation is done through a tri-groove socket.

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