What are the different types of washers available for the applications?

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    Everything you talk about has several types available with it. One of the categories is washers which is an essential part of the fastener industry. From the wide variety of washers, it’s essential to choose the specific one that is best for the effective working of your application. This is where the role of the Fasteners Manufacturer comes into play and only they can tell you better which specific option you should opt for to make the work go easily. If you are considering the washers for the project then go through the blog to make yourself familiar with the right choice.


    Through the experienced washer or Bolts Supplier, you can get the best type of fastener to make the necessary application work the way it should be.

    Different types of washers

    • Spring Washers

    Spring washers are known as disc springs which stand apart because of the mechanical features and what kind of unique profile it is. Moreover, the material can stand well against the intermittent shock loads and helps to give it the controlled reaction when it’s well under dynamic loads. The spring washers are available in a wide variety like:

    • Crescent washers

    Crescent washers can well bear the lighter loads and produce small deflection. Moreover, its spring rate is uniform which makes it stand effective in the case of washers. It works great against where flexibility is needed and load-cycling methods.

    • Dome washers

    Dome washers are known for well-holding high load capacity. Its appearance is similar to dome washers & there are even the ground curves that stand well against the flatter load-bearing surface.

    • Wave washers

    For moderate load capacity, deflection, and spacers, the wave washers stand effective in all ways. The multiple waves present within the washers make it have a specific filter for effective working.

    • Lock washers

    Lock washers work well against securing the fasteners and their tendency to lose friction or rotate themself well makes it best in all ways. The washer design is great to handle the necessary load, make it partially deformed, and make the fasteners secure in the necessary place. Moreover, the load is distributed evenly through this type of washer.

    • Helical lock washer

    Helical lock washers or split lock washers come with a single coil and it’s known for the non-continuous flat wire filament. Moreover, the coil is bent outwards which allows it to meet at the right surface.

    • External tooth lock washers

    The external tooth lock washers come with a cylindrical inner diameter and the alignment is done in the right ways. Even the design is done to make the surface stand well against the compressional force.

    An additional type of washers

    • Flat washers

    Flat washers are also known by the name of type A plain washers that are flat, thin, and come with a circular space. In the case of designing there’s the metric or imperial dimension that allows the washers to be effectively used.

    • C-washers

    C-washers are another choice including a slot cut from the center going to the perimeter. Moreover, the slot width is all the same where there is the center hole, and the further options like removing, replacing, or inserting the washers are all done with utmost ease. Therefore, you don’t have to take out the fastener completely from its place.