What all you should know to choose the best type of fastener for your project?

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    Being a fasteners manufacturer, I am always asked about the fasteners and what are the different options available in the market. As we are working as the best Fasteners Suppliers in Australia for a long time, clients trust us and they take the necessary suggestions to make the project a success.


    The screws provide 2 functions which include giving the stopping point so that the screw gets into the surface. House the drive, which is the way screws are turned. Its common head types are:

    • Binder
    • Button
    • Flat
    • Hex
    • Fillister
    • Pan
    • Socket head

    Thumbscrews and knobs

    Thumbs screws provide a distinctive look and their function helps to tell what they are actually. The most common ones are:

    • Vertical flat head
    • Knurled head

    Both of them help to loosen and tighten them as required. Through this approach, it makes it best for electronic devices. Additionally, it can be assessed easily.

    The knurled head helps to provide a slotted head and the turn can be made with ease. The fitting can be done in any length and you simply need to press it.

    Need: Want to get an extra grip for tightening

    Solution: Thumb Screws – Plastic Wing


    • Head provides added leverage
    • Nylon 6/6
    • Range of thread sizes


    Bolts are the preferred choice for joining 2 components that are not threaded. The size of the bolt is bigger as compared to the shaft. There is a need for the nut which allows it to make it tight. Some even refer to screws. Bolt is designed to get the work done by the experts.


    Nuts contain the threaded hole which increases the strength and it allows them to hold them with each other. In most cases, their shape is hexagonal and this is for the exterior. In the case of the interior, the shape is cylindrical.

    If you choose the wing nut then it comes with wings or tabs which allow you to get the manual turning done. This will also help to get the removal and installation done with time. The bolt threads will increase the safety aspect and give a clean look.

    Need: These are easy to grip, install and remove

    Solution: Plastic Hex Nut – Standard

    Panel fasteners

    Panel fasteners are best for connecting the panels and it helps in collecting the edge or holes or slots. Another option is to consider the quarter-turn panel fasteners. It contains 2 pieces and the quarter-turn fasteners are joined on the fixed surface and these can be removed. The base is fixed into the panel and the insertion of the slotted screw is done from the panel which is taken out.

    Need: How to get easy access to panels?

    Solution: Quarter-turn panel fasteners


    • A simple quarter turn releases fastener to allow access
    • Available in two different styles: Acetal, UL94 HB
    • Pre Assembled to limit the use of hardware
    • Cost is under your budget