Everything you need to know about the coach screw and its use

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  • Coach screw and its use in the fastener industry

    The coach screw is categorized as a heavy-duty screw with a square or hexagonal head. Additionally, an externally threaded cylindrical shaft is tapered to the point on the tip. Their main purpose is to hold them all together with different materials like heavy timber and fixing metal to timber. Additionally, it’s even opted with materials like concrete or masonry. With the said approach, it does offer to be used with lag screws or lag bolts. There’s a point in making them confused with carriage bolts and coach crews as there’s material available in different ways that allow it to be used effectively with different choices. Bear in mind, no matter what your needs are, always look for the renowned Fasteners Manufacturer who can assist you better in choosing the right type to use. You seek the ones that are effective for your place.

    What’s the prime method to use the screws?

    For all coach screws, the necessity of the pilot hole allows the purpose to drill through the twist drill bit before these are placed in the required place. Additionally, it won’t let the wood split away, making it hard to drill in the pilot hole. Moreover, there lies a difference in the metal drill, ensuring nothing gets out from the desired position. Through the pilot hole diameter, there’s a diameter of the coach screw that allows it to be well used against softwood and three quarters.
    If the coach screw is used with timber, then it’s essential not to let the screw embedded in the screw head into the wood. By doing so, screw removal is done with all ease.


    Are you in need of a coach screw to let the heavy objects be fixed in the brickwork or masonry? The masonry plays an all-important part in letting it get secured in the necessary place. Additionally, the wall plug required is the same in terms of the depth and diameters for ensuring the necessary hole is right.

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    What are the coach screws made of?

    Coach screws are best when manufactured with steel, and you can get them in different finishes depending on what suits your project type.
    ●     Stainless steel gives a great sort of corrosion resistance which is effective in terms of outdoor use, and it works well against different types. You can opt for the stainless steels are A2 (304) and A4 (316).
    ●     Bright zinc plated helps give corrosion resistance and works ideal in a dry environment.

    Are you wondering which size to opt for?

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