Everything about customized brass and steel Screw for industrial application

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  • Customized Brass and Steel Screw

    For Industrial use, the use of the best kind of fastener is extremely important to make the project a success. For that, you have to get the fastener from the best team of Fasteners Manufacturer who knows what type is best for your project. MIG Enterprises is a well-known team of Fasteners Suppliers in Australia who can give you all sorts of fasteners for your project. You can opt for the high-grade screw which includes the machine screw, self-tapping screw, chipboard screw, thread screw, clipboard screw, and much more. In addition, it is available in different sizes, materials, shapes, and dimensions which means depending on your requirements and specifications.

    Best and latest kind of technology

    Being the best fastener manufacturer, we use high-quality raw material with the latest technology to give you high-end products which are highly reliable. One thing that has been noted is that people prefer the brass screw for different kinds of applications. Here, the brass screws are highly used for different applications which is the reason that these are preferred by the customers for several applications due to the properties like:

    • Nature resistance

    • Anti-corrosive nature

    • Aesthetically pleasing in nature

    What are the benefits of using brass screws for the industry?

    Here are some of the topmost benefits of the brass screws to use for different kinds of projects like:

    • Easy to hold

    • Secure Fit

    • Saving time and money

    • Robust construction

    • Water and environment corrosion

    • Low maintenance

    • Highly durable and reliable

    • Affordable cost

    Use of brass screws for the electrical industry

    Brass screws are a perfect choice for the socket pin, neutral links, electric plug pin, brass terminals, terminal blocks, earth bar, energy meter, and many other electrical parts. The manufacturing is done from the high-grade free cutting brass and there are special standards that can be met as per the customer demands. The best part is that these are highly reliable and durable.

    Use for a brass screw for woodwork

    For the woodwork, the micro or small brass is the reliable option where woodworking is required for the building furniture, and for the installation of the doors, multipurpose fixtures like the hollow core, light concrete, solid brick, timber, and concrete panels. These have the property of the resistance against the humidity, rain, and moisture inside the wood. Moreover, these are going to match the wood color as compared to steel or any other choice.

    Use of stainless steel screw or marine industry

    Stainless steel screws are a great choice for marine equipment which are ideal for construction and they even are great choices to have high performance. In addition, they offer features like anti-corrosive and water-resistant quality. This is the reason, these are used for the underwater and sea. With the stainless steel screw, the property of stiffness and strength is there.

    Wrap up!

    Apart from these, they are the best choice for the refinery industry, automotive industry, and much more. If you are looking for the best quality of fasteners and at an affordable price, then MIG Enterprises has everything in store for you.