Everything you should know to get the best fasteners for your application

best fasteners for your application 2021
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  • With the assistance of the Fasteners Suppliers in Australia, you will get the cost-effective fasteners and they will provide the performance you need. You must understand the fasteners types and materials before you decide to buy one.

    What are screws perfect for?

    • Consumer Electronics
    • Specialist Vehicles
    • Consumer Appliances
    • Data Servers
    • HVAC
    • Retail Displays

    Screws are a vital fastening component. If these are aligned correctly, the high-quality screws will be able to hold perfectly in the right place. These are lightweight, offer great chemical resistance properties, and the best choice in high temperatures.

    What are the features?

    There are several head and drive types which you can choose and it includes:

    Countersunk, Hex Head, Binder, Cheese Head, Oval, Flat Head, Pan, Fillister, Phillips, Socket Head, Thumb Screws, and Slotted.

    What are nuts perfect for?

    • Specialist Vehicles
    • Consumer Electronics
    • HVAC
    • Consumer Appliances
    • Data Servers
    • Retail Displays

    Nuts are helpful to keep the product assembled in one place. With one choice you can get multiple options like button thread nuts to knurled thumb nuts.

    What are the features?

    You can select from various categories which provide special benefits and offer standard specifications. It includes Hex Nuts, Wing Nuts, Grommet Nuts, Dome Nuts (also called Cap Nuts), and Thumb Nuts.

    What are the material options?

    There is a range of materials available in the market to fulfill your project requirements. It includes Nylon, PP, PEEK®, Polycarbonate, and Copolyester. Moreover, there are thread sizes in different specifications. This means you can get in different lengths and shapes which makes it easy to install for different projects. Some of the possible nut options are:

    Standard Hex Nuts – Plastic

    • Hex nut with flat sides – Easy tight and loose with a tool

    Dome Nuts – Nylon

    • Dome nuts or cap nuts are used for covering and protecting a bolt or screw that sits on the application

    Kwik Nuts

    • Kwik nuts or jam nuts press-fits over the threaded stud and locks with 180˚ turn

    What are Rivets & Push Fasteners perfect for?

    • Healthcare
    • Automotive
    • Retail
    • Point of Sale
    • Data Services

    These are quick fitting be it for permanent and temporary applications. Moreover, these help in saving time because of their quick operation and boost project productivity. There are a wide number of choices you can get from solid rivets to push rivets.

    What are its features?

    Rivets are available in different options and this includes One-Piece and Pre-Driven Push, Snap Lock, Fir Tree, Snap, and Expansion rivets.

    What are the materials?

    You can get the rivets and push fasteners in different materials like PP, Acetal, LDPE, Nylon. These materials are known for providing properties like UV resistance, heat stability, and much more. So, it means their use is best in different environments.

    What are its specifications?

    There are different options which include compatible hole diameter, head diameter, and panel thickness solutions.