Which factors are majorly responsible for contributing to the bolt failure?

Which factors are majorly responsible for contributing to the bolt failure
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  • The most frustrating time for the engineers is when they experience themselves depressed with the problems of the bolt failures. You will be glad to know that you can prevent this from happening by taking some precautionary measures into account beforehand. You need to consider certain factors in account, before applying pressure on the fasteners.


    The functioning of the bolted joints is accountable for strengthening and securing the connections of the bolt.

    So let us discuss the pressure applied to the bolts

    Stress on the bolts

    If you overstress the bolt, then surely you will encounter bolt failure. The service life of the bolts is hugely dependent on the factor of whether you are making the bolts to bear the right amount of loads or not.

    As far as stress is concerned, these are of the three types:

      • Internal stress:

    The internal stress is accountable for keeping the bolted joints in the proper place.

      • External stress

    When any kind of external stress is causing the bolts to get burdened, then it is termed as the external force.

      • Static Force

    When both the ends are pulled together, then it is known as static stress.

    Important Tip

    To make sure that the bolts do not cause a hindrance to your project, you need to check whether they are not overturned or tightened.

    What do we mean by bolt fatigue?

    Bolts are usually designed to stay for a long time. This means that their service life is so long that they cannot ditch in between. But if you make it get fatigued, then bolts can get tired or exhausted and thus result in failure.

    What do you mean by the BOLT CORROSION?

    Sometimes the bolts have to cope up with the difficult environmental conditions which are usually incompatible. Exposure to the following increases the risk of corrosion:

      • Naturally Blending Chemicals
      • Metal Products
      • Oxygen


    The bolts which are fitted in the automobile components are on verge of risk of getting corroded because they are exposed to the following;

      • Engine Leaks
      • Fluids

    Also know

    Corrosion can be caused in any of the bolts used in the following:

      • Structural applications
      • Mechanical applications
      • Construction applications

    What do we know about the Bolt Thread issues?

    When the bolt gets tightened, there is an emergence of the two kinds of threads. And when this happens, the threaded part of the bolt encounters some kind of stress.

    How is under designing responsible for the bolt failure?

    The bolt should be designed as per the load-bearing capacity. This can be illustrated with the help of an example:

    If the bolt is capable of bearing only 1 tonne of the force, but the faulty design has made it somehow bear the 1.5 tonnes of the force, then it is also an extremely disturbing condition for the bolts.

    Is the exposure of the hydrogen bad for the function of the bolts?

    Yes, certainly it is. The metal of the bolts gets giggly affected when it is exposed to hydrogen. It becomes brittle.

    Which measures can be taken into account to prevent the bolts from encountering failures?

      • First of all, the design of the bolt needs to be assessed.
      • Also, evaluate all the factors of the environment where the bolt is going to be used.
      • Make sure that the bolt is getting the ideal heat treatment.
      • The plating of the hydrogen ought to be designed very meticulously as it is important for avoiding the embrittlement caused by the hydrogen.
      • The choice of the right kind of thread can also save you from coming up with the issue of bolt failure.