Fasteners Manufacturing: Bolts, Nuts, Screws

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  • If you wish to attach the two components of a machine that has lined up holes, then you would carry out that purpose with the help of bolts. Fasteners manufacturer in Sydney alims at providing high-quality bolts, screws and other fastening material. We ease your mechanised works by offering you the following;


    • Anchor bolts

    These bolts are used in the industry that demands the sturdy attachment of variegated objects.

    • Carriage Bolts

    These bolts are used when a metal is supposed to be fixed with the wood. They have the following indispensable characteristics:

      • Smooth Rounded Head
      • Square Section

    Having possessed the quality of the square section, it becomes quintessentially skimpy to turn the bolts

    • Hex Bolts

    These are the customarily used and admired bolts. They come up in preponderant metric sizes. You are facilitated with the characteristic of possessing standard dimensional inches.

    • Roundhead bolts

    The use of the round head bolts is observed mostly in the joining of wood. These have the familiar emergence with the carriage bolts. But a slight difference is observed in the features. The carriage bolt is supposed to have a square taper underneath the domed bolt head but Round head bolts do not have so.

    • U Bolts

    As the name of the bolts envisions us about its appearance. These are the bolts that do have U-letter emergence. They are administered with two threaded sections placed at commencing and terminating points.


    • Locknuts

    The lock nuts can be bought in sundry shapes. There are the following predominant varieties of the locknuts:

      • Nylon Inserts
      • Serrated Hex flange
      • Metal locknuts
    • Coupling nuts

    The leading use of these nuts can be brought up when a need arises to attach two male threads. These are used to satisfy the purpose of incorporating an additional length to the installed product. Following features made it the most admired and work-satisfying fastener:

      • Good length
      • The ultimate and finished cylindrical shape
    • Hex nuts

    As the name itself suggests the shape of these nuts would be hexagonal. These are considered all-rounder nuts as this help to finalise many pieces of industrial works. There are so many categories of this type which are listed as subsequent:

      • Slotted hex
      • Heavy hex
      • Hex Jam
      • Hex flange
      • Semi-finished hex
      • Finished hex
    • Wheel nuts

    From the name itself, we can guess the use of these nuts. These usually fall in the category of automotive fasteners.


    • Wood screws

    For satisfying the purpose of joining two wooden divisions, these are the first choice of the carpenters because they offer sturdy and robust attachment.

    • Lag Screws

    Because of the following features, these are admired and used in variegated purposes:

      • Jumbo size
      • Zinc coating
    • Twin fast Screws

    These are called twin fast screws because they are having two threads while other screws have only one. These are customarily used for installation purposes or hanging drywall.

    • Security screws

    These are used whenever there is a need to get something protected from tampering or removal. These do not have any head and facilitates you with the reversing and elimination from attached parts.