Frequently asked questions about the manufacturing of the custom bolts

Frequently asked questions about the manufacturing of the custom bolts
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  • We are aware of the fact that the bolts are the quintessential elements of the hardware and the construction industry. According to the fastener suppliers in Australia, that no doubt if the production technique of the bolts has become so modified and advanced which is accompanied by numerous steps which aim at bringing about additional durability and robustness, but we can still make the bolts from the raw steel by following the simple mechanism. The fastener manufacturer in Australia makes use of a variety of techniques to make bolts. One of those techniques is mentioned below:

    Does the size of the bolts produce an effect on the technique of production?

    No matter what is your requirement and specification about the size and the shape of the bolt, the primary technique to manufacture the bolt is the same.

    What is the fundamental mechanism to make the bolts?

    The fundamental mechanism to build the bolts includes the wiring of the cold forging steel in a specific shape and size. The further steps involve the techniques which incorporate the following:

    Heat treatment for the amelioration of the strength

    Surface treatment for the enhancement of the durability

    If the client wants the advanced outline of the bolts, still the process to make the bolts will remain the same?

    To come up with the advanced and the modified designs of the bolts, the stratagem can include the additional steps.

    Why should you purchase the bolts from MIG Enterprises?

    The following features will convince you about why should you choose MIG Enterprise for bolt manufacturing services:

    The first and foremost feature that makes us league apart from other competitors is that we offer the customisation services which is the need of the day because nowadays the improved applications need the installation of the custom bolts.

    The experiences and proficient staff of the MIG enterprise are well-versed to carry out each step with perfection.

    When does the need to carry out the drilling or turning occur?

    When the cold forging technique is not able to contour the complicated designs of the bolt, there arises the need to make the bolt spin at a higher speed and to cut the steel to provide the right structure to the bolt which is carried out by turning. To make holes through the bolt, then there is a need to make use of the drilling.

    How is steel hardened?

    Hardening of the steel is carried out by heat treatment which incorporates the procedure in which the bolts are supposed to be exposed to the quintessentially extreme temperatures.

    When does the bolt require surface treatment?

    The surface treatment is required by the bolt whenever corrosion resistance is the main concern which is aimed to prevent through the zinc-plated coating. Whenever corrosion resistance is not the main concern, then one should switch to the cost-effective solution and that is the use of phosphate.


    MIG enterprises always provide you with the cost-effective customisation of bolts. Besides our professional assistance is always there to help you whether the requirement of the bolt for your project is appropriate or not.