Get the right type of Bolts, Nuts and screws for your project or application

Get the right type of Bolts, Nuts and screws for your project or application
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  • As we know there are many kinds of fasteners used in the automotive and the construction industry. Sometimes, it is needed to get custom fasteners built and this can efficiently be carried out by the fastener suppliers in Australia. For bringing about a precise finish in the application or a project, there is a need to choose the right kind of fastener. If you are finding it difficult to choose the best one for your project, you should take professional assistance from the best fastener manufacturer.

    • Types of Bolts

    • Carriage bolts

    Carriage bolts are also known as coach bolts.

    • Hex head bolts

    The following categories are available as far as the hex head bolt is concerned:

    • Hex serrated

    • Hex tap bolts

    • Hex cap screws

    The predominant feature because of which it is sold in the market is the hexagonal head which is usually a perfect fit for certain applications.

    • Machine screws (Stovers)

    Whenever any bolt or screw appears to be having a flat point, then it is a machine screw.

    • Shoulder bolts ( Stripper bolts)

    These are the bolts that are advantageous because these can either be installed through a driver or by hand.

    • Socket cap screws

    These are available in the following categories:

    • Socket cap

    • Flat socket

    • Button socket

    • Button flange socket


    There are also the following type of bolts available:

    • Socket cap screws

    • Socket Set ‘Grub’ Screws

    • Square Head bolts

    • Types of screws

    • Deck screws

    Deck screws are most-customarily used in wooden materials or furniture because of their bugling head and square drive.

    • Hex lag screws ( Lag bolts)

    These are particularly used whenever the wooden floor is being laid out. Besides, their use in heavy-duty applications is customary.

    • Self-drilling screws


    • Inclusion of the sheet metal thread

    • Self-drilling abilities

    • Piercing abilities


    • Sheet metal screws

    • Wood screws

    Types of Nuts

    • Cap nut ( Acorn nut)

    This nut is particularly used whenever there is a need to get prevented with the contact of the external thread.

    • Castle nuts (Slotted nut)

    This is used in low-torque oriented applications where there is a need to avoid loosening of certain parts.

    • Coupling nuts

    This kind of nut is used in the situation when two male threads are to be fastened.

    • T-Nuts

    These are used to join or fasten the following:

    • Wood

    • Particle

    • Composite


    • Flange Serrated Nuts

    • Hex Jam and finish nuts

    • Heavy hex or machine nuts

    • Keeps-K Lock and knurled thumb nuts

    • Nylon (Hex Jam & Insert Lock) Nuts

    • Stover and slotted hex nuts

    • Square and T-Nuts

    • Breakaway or Wingnuts

    • Types of washers

    • Backup rivet washer

    Whenever there is a requirement to prevent the pull-through of a rivet, then particularly backup rivet washers are taken into account.

    • Dock Washers

    Dock washers are used in the following:

    • Building of docks

    • Heavy-duty construction activities


    • Belleville Conical and fended washers

    • Finishing cup and flat washers

    • Lock and NAS Washers

    • Structural and square washers


    If you are interested in placing your order for any of the above-mentioned fasteners, then instantaneously consult with our professionals telephonically.