Guide on a wide selection of quality fasteners to make your project a success

Guide on a wide selection of quality fasteners to make your project a success
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  • Most of the time is spent turning raw material into finished parts and the next step is to assemble & fasten them together. The  Fasteners Suppliers in Australia have availability of different options so that every project goes in the way it needs to. The fastening method is influenced by different factors like:

    • Weight
    • Cost
    • Strength
    • Reliability
    • Corrosion resistance
    • Simplicity
    • Availability

    With the assistance of the fasteners manufacturer, you will be able to get the fasteners in the right design along with the size, material, and finish. Let’s note down some excellent notes on choosing the right type of fasteners for your project.

     Threaded Fasteners

    Screws vs. Bolts

    • Screws are externally threaded fasteners that can be inserted into the holes in assembled parts and then internal thread is mated, the new head is formed, and then it goes into the torquing heads.
    • Bolts are used for externally threaded fasteners through which makes it easier to insert the holes in assembled sections. Mostly, these can be tightened or released by torquing the nut.


    What is the difference between drive design and head design?

    • Drive design is suited for internal or external shape which helps to couple the screwdriver, socket wrench, or driving tool to turn the fasteners.
    • Head design is the entire shape of the head which allows the fastener to be perfect for a certain application like oval, flat, or fillister head.


    Screw Drive Designs

    What are the most common drive designs for screws?

    • Slot heads come with a single slot and are driven by a flat-bladed screwdriver.
    • Phillips heads are also known as cross-head screws and have a “+”-shaped slot.
    • Combo heads might go perfect with either a Phillips screwdriver or slot-blade driver.
    • Pozidriv heads are the same as Phillips’s heads, but it has added functionality of metal-to-metal contact


    Bolt Drive Designs

    • External hex is best suited for bolt design. The work is combined with box wrenches, open-end wrenches, and socket wrenches. It is also referred to as hex head bolts.
    • Internal hex or Allen drives are also known as Allen keys. These have a hexagonal hole and are driven through a hexagonal wrench.
    • Internal Torx drive contains six rounded internal points and is shaped like a star.
    • External Torx drive is the male version of the internal Torx fastener.


    Important Threaded Fasteners

    What are the main threaded fasteners?

    Machine screws can be bought in different head shapes, materials, and driven styles. From the best supplier, you can buy them in 0.021-inches diameter to ½-inch diameter and ⅛ to 3 inches in terms of length.

    • Socket head cap screws and bolts are better in terms of quality as compared to machine bolts and machine screws. Their semi-finishing surface along with distinctive cylindrical heads helps to make the dimensional value stand out.
    • Set screws are known for holding the shaft collars and pulleys. The necessary adjustments and mechanical settings are managed through these. In addition, these can be bought in different shapes.