What are HDC Screws? What are their features? How do they work?

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  • As per the fasteners manufacturers, “Standard landscaping screws are greatly used in the following applications:

    • Timber Sleepers

    • Retaining Walls

    • Garden Beds.”

    MIG Enterprises – The best fasteners supplier in Australia, provides great quality in such screws. And because of that, you can use them in construction that involves the usage of heavy-duty timbers.

    For Which Purposes, Hdc Screws Are Considered Better?

    HDC stands for Heavy-duty construction. Such screws are best when used in the following:

    • Decking Joists & Trusses

    • Exposed Beams

    • Pergolas And Pavilions

    • Retaining The Walls Support

    • Retaining Property Suppers

    • General Residential Frame Construction

    Features Of The HDC Screws

    • Have Unique Design

    • These Are Coupled With The Following:

    • Pan-head

    • Countersunk Options

    • Great Aesthetics

    • Provides Fast Embedment

    • Can Bear Higher Shear And The Tension Loads

    • Easy To Drive ( Because Of The Constant Rotational Pressure)

    • Lower Head Height

    • Great Speed And Efficiency During Embedding

    • No Over-torquing

    • Gets Easily Fixed With The Hardest Timbers

    • No Corrosion

    • No Requirement For Pre-drilling

    • Immensely Great Clamping Force

    • Can Be Used For Both Softwood And Hardwood

    How Do These Work?

    Since we have mentioned earlier that these are greatly used in the decking and the wall retainment, these are considered ideal when the thick timber is to be used.

    With our HDC, it is super easy to work with large and heavy-duty timbers.

    Why So?

    • No Need For Drilling!

    First of all, there is no need for pre-drilling since milled Type 17 eliminates that need.

    The fluted point itself gets embedded into the timber.

    • Easy Driving

    The highly efficient Torx has when it gets accompanied with the serrated tapping thread, then it provides the benefit of easy driving irrespective of the kind of the wood (softwood or the hardwood).

    What About The Countersunk HDC Screws?

    • When we are making use of the countersunk HDC screws, the flush finish in the screw embedment can be expected.

    • But when we are talking about the pan-head variant, then we are referring to the giant benefit of the additional clamping force. It thoroughly depends on:

    • What are you working with?

    • What are you expecting to get it from?

    • Such screws are coated in class 4 galvanisation that is accountable for reducing the corrosion and increasing the longevity of the structure.

    Where Should You Get These?

    MIG enterprises who are the leading suppliers of fasteners have earned a great market reputation in all these years. It is because of the uncompromised quality, uniquely designed fasteners and the economical range which fits in the pocket of every person.

    No matter which kind of screws you want to get for your application, you just need to call the professionals and make them informed about the specifications. The rest of the work will be theirs. MIG Enterprises always promises its clients to facilitate them with timely delivery.

    Final Comments!

    If you are looking for information, which is not mentioned in any of our blogs, then please inform us. The goal of our blogs is to facilitate you with comprehensive knowledge about fasteners.