Things To Consider Before The Hot Dip Galvanizing Of The Fasteners

A Thread On Hot-Dip Galvanizing
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  • What Is Galvanizing?

    It is basically a method by which the Wholesaler of Fasteners immersed the fabricated steel fasteners into a bath of molten zinc that metallurgically connects the zinc to the surface of the steel components. It is a 150 years old practice that has an effective way to shield the components against corrosion. 

    Technical Procedures Of Galvanizing

    This is the whole procedure of galvanizing for better details.

    • The Industrial Cup Head Bolts Manufacturer keeps the molten zinc in that state at about the temperature of 840-850 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Once the steel makes contact with the molten zinc, a layer of zinc-iron forms on the outer surface.
    • As soon as the zinc turns into the top layer of the fabricated steel component, then the outer surface accounts for about 50 to 70 % of the total coating’s thickness.
    • After all this, you will observe that the steel right after the galvanizing will still have that extremely bright look with them. 

    Different Grades Of Zinc For Hot-Dip Galvanizing

    Given below is the level or grades of zinc that are up for some hot-dip galvanizing.

    • London Metal Exchange Grade – 99.995% zinc.
    • Special High Grade – 99.990% zinc.
    • High Grade – 99.95% zinc.
    • Intermediate Grade – 99.5% zinc.
    • Prime Western Grade – 98.5% zinc. 

    When we are talking about the fasteners, it is true that the manufacturer indeed provides extra clearance to the nuts and bolts so that they can accommodate the thickness of zinc. For example- metric fasteners galvanized on only one thread that needs clearance. That clearance is about four times the thickness of the coating.

    Typically the manufacturer can galvanize both bolts and washers that are down to 8 mm in diameter. With the help of new methods and technology, the makers can galvanize a wide range of threaded fasteners without difficulty. 

    Things That You Should Consider Before Galvanizing

    • Coating uniformity

    Keep in mind that while you are conducting the galvanizing in a traditional method, then the coating tends to become thicker at thread riots as compared to its body. Having such a difference in the thickness and the body of the fasteners can somehow compromise the steadiness and quality you wish to achieve. Thanks to the new technology and equipment, the  Fasteners Suppliers Sydney can now ensure that the coating is uniform across the entire fasteners. 

    • Surface finish

    The surface finish and the looks of the fasteners indeed play an essential role, especially for those projects that involve aesthetics. We have already established that the components of the galvanize come with a bright gray color. The reason behind this is the high silicon content of steel that reacts fast with the molten zinc. Although, as soon as the component cools down, you will notice that the color becomes a little matte gray because of the coating-formed structure. 

    • Storage

    We highly suggest you store the galvanized nuts and the bolts in dry and well-ventilated conditions. The reason behind storing them under wet conditions is that the galvanized fasteners do somehow succumb to the wet storage stain.