How Is Flange Bolts Tightened And Its Wrong Practices You Must Avoid?

Tightening Of Bolted Flange Joints Fasteners
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  • The contractor usually uses bolted flange joints in the water main. This is the reason why it is a must to have a proper bolt tightening sequence in the bolted flanged joints. This measurement helps the stress variation in flange joist have control over its components. If the Fasteners Wholesaler does not do that right, then there are high chances of leakage at flanged pipe joints at the time of the operating conditions.

    Hence it is essential to find the correct way to place the bolt by tightening them securely. It is also vital to place the gaskets and the placement in the flanged joints that will assist them in ensuring that there is no leakage in the joints that the Flange Bolts Supplier gave. With the help of a proper bolt tightening, it will also be easy for you to make sure that there is an appropriate uniform in the load distribution in all the bolts that you got from the Coach Screw Manufacturer without having to injure the gaskets.

    Checking Points Of Flanged Before Bolt Up

    In case you notice any kind of leakage in the flanged joints, it is crucial to know that the layout of the gasket material stops the surface of the flange from getting any type of imperfection and also seals them. In fact, you will also be able to observe the restrain gasket while successfully sealing it. This is the reason why you must thoroughly check the flange surface and also review it in order to know if there are any kinds of dents or gouges. As per the recommendation of the manufacturer for specific materials of the gasket, you should remember that a flange surface finish must be there.

    Points You Must Check For The Gaskets Before Tightening The Flange Bolts.

    These are some points that you must check for the gaskets before you tighten the flange bolts.

    • You must examine the gasket while ensuring that it is indeed free from any kind of defects.
    • The placement of the gaskets must assist you in making sure that it is fully sealed. For example, the gasket which is on the exchanger tube sheet needs a proper place so that the gasket’s outer periphery can match the OD of the tube sheet at each time.
    • It also helps you in ensuring that the gaskets are actually in the right dimension with the operation of particular materials.

    Wrong Practices For Tightening Flange Bolts

    We have listed down some unfair practices that many follow while tightening the flange bolts for the operation. It is important to remember this fallacy in order to avoid it like the plague.

    There are several times when the operators of the plant follow some sort of wrong practices for the flange bolt tightening. Some of those includes:

    • Usage of dirty or rusted fasteners without lubricating them.
    • Usage of standard fasteners and not using high tensile ones.
    • Using a lot of gaskets in order to fill significant gaps between the flanges.
    • There is improper storage of gaskets.
    • Reusing the old gaskets
    • A wrong sequence of bolt tightening.