How to make sure that you select the best material for screw fasteners?

How to make sure that you select the best material for screw fasteners?
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  • To make any building project a success, you must get the fasteners in the best material. For the selection of the right material, you need to choose the best Fasteners Manufacturer in your area. With the expertise of Fasteners Suppliers in Australia, you will know which option works best for which application. No matter what is the situation, you must be choosing the one which is best for your entire application. Here we will make you aware of the most common fastener materials which are used for different applications.

    What are the most common fastener materials?

    Steel Fasteners

    Steel comes in different types of forms and strengths. Although the most preferred options are mentioned below:

    Low carbon steel

    Low carbon steel calls out a reliable choice for different applications like medical manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, and machine manufacturing. As compared to its other steel options, its strength is low.

    Medium carbon steel

    Medium carbon steel is a preferred choice for automotive parts along with manufacturing. Where the strength is needed on a medium scale, it is the best choice.

    Alloy steel

    Alloy steel is the best choice for socket head products or critical joints as the strength is extremely high.

    Stainless steel is used in different applications depending on the grade. Here is the breakdown of the grade:

    Medium level strength = 300 grade stainless steel & great option for the corrosion resistance.

    Medium to high level strength = 400 grade stainless steel & highly-strong corrosion resistance. This is best used for thread forming or cutting.

    Titanium Fasteners

    Titanium fasteners are termed premier materials that help in manufacturing the best fasteners. It also helps in providing higher strength and it is resistant to normal wear & tear. In different applications, it can be used. It is used where there is high impact and mostly it is used in the aerospace industry.

    Brass Fasteners

    Brass fasteners are considered the best option for the copper-based alloy. It is under your budget and you can be benefited greatly from this choice and the strength is usually on the lower site. This option is also corrosion resistant. This option is used for cosmetic purposes and also for marine applications.

    Aluminum fasteners

    If you want something affordable then aluminum is the preferred choice for you. You can say that it is highly durable and perfect to use for lightweight applications. In case, it is used with other material, then it is considered as the option of mild steel with slight weight friction.

    Well! These are just a few of them. When you get the fasteners manufactured from the best place you can rest assured that the final product is made perfect. The experts ensure that quality material is used. If you are confused about which material to opt for or how the customer screws are made, then talk to the experts. For a quality product, you should only trust the best. Reach out to our team to know more.