Why is there an increased demand for fasteners and dynamic components?

Why is there an increased demand for fasteners and dynamic components
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  • In this blog, we are going to discuss the increased demand for fasteners and dynamic components in Australia. In case you are looking for it, then make sure to contact the fasteners manufacturer who can give you the quality products at an affordable price.

    60-hp Pumps

    One of the projects was done whose main aim was to understand how does the facility maintenance program rank. The main aim was to assist the end-user in the basic vibration monitoring program. In the first round of data collection, the maintenance team noticed that the small-frame pumps were running at a high vibration level.

    • At the scale’s lower end – it was greater than 1 to 1.5 millimetres per second for all monitoring points.
    • The alarm was set at 2.5mm/s and the shutdown at the 3mm/s.

    For the recent outage, the vendor was hired to correct and check the pump alignments. Initially, everything was at a smooth rate but with time the process got rougher. Later the facility was asked whether the alignment is being checked or not. The answer was ‘NO’.

    Once the facility checked the alignment the predictive maintenance team started with the soft foot check, the mounting bolt is loosened, and it was checked whether if there any lift. It was shocking to notice that the 135-pound technician could loosen the motor mounting bolts with a 10-inch crescent wrench. It also came to light that the bolts have never been tightened.

    What does this mean?

    If the bolts are not tightened with time, they are likely to become loose. Bolt was not tight and the motor shifted with time which resulted in:

    • Alignment issues
    • Resulting in a higher vibration

    Well! It means that the torque of the mounting fasteners or lease needs to be tightened from time to time. This is done so that everything is in its place.

    300-hp Pump

    On the site, a transfer system was installed to move the liquid waste over several miles from one storage place to another. The projected dollar was in the millions and the vibration was held on the placed by the booster pumps.

    The high vibration was not because of the alignment problem but this was due to the resonance problem. Although the common causes were checked related to vibration issue like:

    • Alignment
    • Loose nuts & bolts
    • Electrical and Structural issues

    It was found that the motor mounting washers are neither rated nor graded fasteners which is important for the proper functioning. The issue was found while checking the bolt tightness and torqued the bolts as per the specific criteria. When the washer was pulled the alignment could get affected.

    Correct easy of faster Installation method

    For securing motors, mounted bearings, and motor-mounting plates, or any items which help in supporting the shaft and velocity was reached 1500 feet per minute. Fasteners of Grade 5 must be used.