Mini Fasteners Benefits – Reduced cost & waste and Lightweight & compaction

Mini Fasteners Benefits - Reduced cost & waste and Lightweight & compaction
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  • Have you ever thought what if the small screws and fasteners would not have been there? Then the engineers would have to spend a lot of time in planning the outline of the gadgets that could facilitate the parts of the equipment or machine together easily and that can be disassembled easily if there is a need. To contribute to the convenience of the engineers and to motivate them to come up with the nicest applications and designs of the equipment, fasteners suppliers in Australia, MIG Enterprises which are very renowned for providing quality services to the users. The subsequent benefits are listed by the best fasteners manufacturer of Australia regarding the small screws and fasteners.

    • Contributed to allaying the cost for repair

    From eyeglasses to the power cable of our system, everything makes use of the tiniest fasteners. Think what would have happened if there were no tiny fasteners and the engineers were life t with no other option than the use of either the adhesives or welding?

    Can you realise how much we had to pay for even the minute repair work? Because the adhesives and the welding permanently join the party and they need a lot of effort to detach the part, get it repaired and weld or glue it again.

    We can also get acquainted with the indispensability of the small fasteners when we take into account the mobile phones or tablets which are no doubt made up of several tiny parts which all are joined together with the use of these fasteners.

    • Help to reduce the manufacturing waste

    As we have discussed that the use of the fasteners has contributed to laying the costs. But we would like to mention here that not only the cost is reduced but it also helps to do away with the unnecessary waste material that is being used if the engineers take into account the use of the welding and adhesives.

    We do know that video games, mobile phones, computer parts and laptops are made of minute components which are joined together with the help of the fasteners. But if so many tiny parts are to be joined with the help of the adhesives and glue, then it would take longer.

    • Lighter products

    Discussing the comparison of the adhesives or weldings with the mini fasteners gets us to the point of making the product extremely lighter. We can conclude by buying ourselves that the use of which type of joining material will result in a lightweight product.

    But think what if these mini-screws were not used in mobile phones, then how heavy material we have to carry in our pockets. Even we could not take the selfie with our free hands because we may find it difficult to hold it with a single hand.


    The use of the tiny fasteners not only help you to make your product lighter, easy repair oriented and less waste consuming, rather it also helps the industry owners to derive more productivity from their employees.