Right tools for fasteners: Hole drilling, Rivets, Welding and adhesives

Right tools for fasteners Hole drilling, Rivets, Welding and adhesives
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  • So many are the fasteners, that many are the tools available for installing them in the variegated applications and the technologies. The importance of choosing the right tool for the specific type of fastener is the same as the indispensability of picking out the appropriate fastener for the particular application. As per the Fastener Suppliers in Australia, “If the right tool for the fastener is not chosen up then the user can end up hurting himself or it can result in the form of the insecure fastening.”

    The right use of the fastening tools

    • Tightening threaded fasteners

    There are so many types of heads of the fasteners as per the applications, so there is a need for a wide variety of tools that could help in satisfying the tightening of the variegated threads and the heads. Tools that are used for tightening the threaded fasteners include the following:

    • Screwdrivers
    • Drivers
    • Keys
    • Spanners
    • Sockets
    • Hole drilling

    Some fasteners need the pre-drilled hole before installation. So it is relevant to mention here that the type of drill should be quintessentially per the fasteners. Because not every drill can be used for installing the sundry fasteners. Following are the types of drills which are customarily used:

    • Electric Drills
    • Handheld drill drivers
    • Drill presses
    • Orbital drilling machines
    • Milling machines
    • Installation of the Rivets

    Rivets are specifically used in the following:

    • Aircrafts
    • Large steel structures

    In the earlier times, hand hammers were used. But with time, the use of electromagnetic and hydraulic presses was incorporated in the riveting and the drilling machines.

    • Application of the adhesives

    Sometimes neither drilling or hammering is required, the fasteners can be fastened with the help of the glue guns. It is required to mention here that for fastening purposes a special kind of glue is used. So do not misinterpret it with the normal fevicol.


    There are many processes for which welding is used:

    • Gas torch
    • High Energy Beam
    • Ultrasound
    • Electric Arc

    For carrying out each process of the welding, different tools are used which may include the following:

    • Spot Welding
    • Stick Welding
    • MIG Welding
    • TIG Welding

    It is quintessential to mention here that each tool has different requirements for power supplies.

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