Everything you need to know about screw head and drive styles

All That You Need To Know About Socket Screw
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  • When you talk about fasteners, it might confuse you about what option to opt for. As the availability of fasteners is in excess, and when you go shopping to get your project to the stage of success, there’s nervousness and excitement. To be sure that everything happens with ease and you are well-aware of each of the fastener types, better get hold of the Fasteners Manufacturer to ensure precision in everything. In this blog, I will make you familiar with choosing the necessary screw head and drive styles to allow the workflow of the project to go in the proper manner.

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    Get clarity overhead and drive style

    The initial factor is understanding the difference, allowing one to opt for the perfect style. Moreover, you should seek the right design that provides precision in every step. It is nerve-wracking at times to be sure about which option is suitable. The availability of different styles like:

    • Button
    • Binding
    • Flange
    • Hex
    • Pan
    • Round
    • Socket
    • Low socket
    • Truss heads
    • Square heads

    Seeing such a vast variety in itself can make things challenging to consider, and that is why professional assistance is essential to make the selection in the proper manner.

    The countersunk design varies slightly in nature

    If you go with the countersunk design, you can get the oval, flat, and bugle heads. Undoubtedly, the selection of materials does wonders for flat, soft, and oval heads. There is a need to make countersunk holes. Under this situation, just a little head protrudes from it, and the presence of material won’t get affected. If you choose something necessary for finish work, then better look for the flat head screw cover so that the head is not seen through the same.

    Drive style is all crucial part of the fasteners

    Drive style/drive recess uses tools for screw installation with precision. The most common ones that you can opt for are:

    • Slotted style
    • Phillips style
    • A combination of both is also possible: Slotted and Phillips
    • Hex socket
    • Square
    • Spanner
    • Torx

    It’s all about choosing the right kind of style and might be the combination when needed.

    Is it possible to prevent head damage?

    To limit the head damage through this option, you need to ensure the screw head is matched to the driver for precise working. Don’t mistake using something small slotted with a large slotted screw.

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