Manufacturing of Bolts: Cold Forging, Heat Treatments and Surfacing

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    Bolts are one of the basic constituents that are used in engineering & construction. Because of that their production has become advanced. Bolt manufacturing has now become a high-tech process that is accomplished in multiple steps.

    Know the Basic Production Process of the Bolts

    Bolts are of different sizes and shapes. No matter whether the technique to carry out the progressive production has changed or not, the basic process of production always remains the same.

    Here is the basic process:

    First of all cold forging takes the process of converting the steel wire into the desired shape.

    Next comes the heat treatment which improves the strength to treat the durability.

    A Fastener manufacturer says, “If the client is demanding a highly advanced bolt design, then the production process may increase by several steps.”

    Elaboration of the Process

    Fastener Manufacturer Sydney elaborates the basic process:

    1. Cold forging

    It begins with the large steel wire rods which are neither coiled nor raw in length. First, we aim, standardize the garden of the steel as per the specifications enlisted by ISO 898-1.

    With a special kind of tool, the wire is first of all cold forged. With cold forging, the wire attains the right shape.

    Yes, here we would like to say that sometimes the specifications enlisted by the customers are so advanced that we do need some additional drilling or turning.

    1. Heat treatment

    Fasteners Manufacturer Sydney explains, “It is a standard process for all the bolts which aims at increasing the strength and the durability of the bolts. Before the application of the heat treatment, threading is applied.

    As we know, how big a change does the heat treatment caused to the properties of the steel. This is more convenient with time and cost to do the threading beforehand.

    FYI, Threading improves fatigue performance.”

    1. Size and surface

    The bolts which are very long even than the diameter, the heat treatment reverts it into a round shape. Thus a straightening process is often needed.

    There are numerous surface treatments. But the one which you should choose in the manufacturing of the bolt depends on the requirements and Particulars enlisted by the customers.

    What is done to deal with the corrosion?

    One of the things which the client considers before choosing the fasteners is corrosion resistance. To make sure the resistant properties work, a zinc-plated coating is applied with the help of the electrolytic treatment.

    1. Ready for Packaging

    Once all the aforementioned steps are complete, the bolt products are ready to be packaged.

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