Fastener Guide: Professional’s tips to select a non-magnetic fastener

How To Select Non Magnetic Fastener
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  • How to choose a non-magnetic fastener?

    Are you in search of the fasteners? Fasteners of different kinds allow the application to use perfectly. Magnetic interference brings difference to work and makes it manageable. The expertise of the Fasteners Manufacturer Sydney will get things done with perfection.

    Be it medical and cryogenic applications the key is to hole the fasteners in the right place that works appropriately as compared to the non-magnetic fasteners. Moreover, several special fasteners work well against non-magnetic needs. Even if you are looking for any kind of bolts like Inconel or hex bolt, you need to look for one of the leading Hex Bolts Supplier to give you a quality product and ensure no part has quality compromised.

    Inconel bolts

    One of the effective non-magnetic fasteners that come with corrosion resistance, high temperature, and high strength. That’s not all, each of them has special features to work against the non-magnetic applications and get effective against the corrosion resistance with acids. The tensile strength gets even higher and the temperature is well-maintained. The level of extreme strength makes it appropriate to creep-rupture strength and has extremely appropriate features. As you begin your hunt for quality bolts, you should get the services of the one who is a renowned Industrial Eye Bolts Manufacturer and well-aware of which bolt fits in perfectly to the desired place.

    Titanium bolts

    One of the non-magnetic screws that offer lightweight strength along with salt water or chloride resistance properties. Moreover, you can have a titanium grade 2 screw that has excellent resistance and works everything against rapidly. The right kind of strength with the weight ratio 4 times stronger makes it last longer. That’s not all it’s ideal work against the military and medical use of fasteners.

    Are you looking for customized fasteners?

    YES! That’s possible. It means getting the fasteners as per your necessary needs and preferences. What you all have to do is get hold of the known fastener manufacturer and they will make sure to give you the necessary product as per your demands, to make the product last for longer.

    Aluminum 7075

    One of the economic and lightweight options that offer non-magnetic features: Aluminum 7075. Not just that, a fastener that works appropriately for various applications. Most importantly the combination of low weight and high strength allows it to stand well against the time. The aluminum 7075 has ideal features to get tempered with necessary strength requirements.

    Which are the most common non-magnetic applications?

    Well! There are several non-magnetic applications that you can choose from. The list of some of the most asked for is mentioned below:

    • Maintenance & Overhaul of aircraft
    • Radar Transmission Centers
    • Aluminum & Other Metal Smelting
    • Hospitals & Clinics Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI- Maintenance on or near)
    • MineSweepers
    • Application working with Cryogenic Temperatures
    • Electronics Manufacturers (Clean Room Maintenance)
    • Nuclear Products & Testing Machines
    • Precision Magnetic Equipment (Compasses & Electronics – Maintenance on or near)
    • Public Utilities: Gas, Electric & Telecommunication