What are the topmost ways to pick the right bolt size for your project?

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  • Be it manufacturing, construction, and engineering, the bolts are one of those options to which people do not give enough importance. When a simple bolt and nut system is used then the complexity of the system is not given enough importance it needs. This is where you need to get assistance from the best fasteners manufacturer. Choosing the oversize bolt is not going to give the same functionality you are expecting and it will increase the risk of increased cost and failure.

    MIG Enterprises is one of the leading names in the fasteners industry. Our team has served several clients as the best Fasteners Suppliers in Australia as people put trust in us because of our on-time and economical service. No matter what the project is it is important to go with the quality fasteners which are going to make the project a success. Now, let’s talk you through the top tips for choosing the right bolt size for the project.

    How to choose the right bolt size?

    • Bolt should be tightened or tensioned

    The most important part is to tighten or tension the bolt depending on what design you want. In addition, pre-load creating or clamping the joint force so that the best service is obtained. If this is not done properly, then it is going to affect the joint integrity.

    • Get understand the force put on the bolted joint

    It is an important part to get an understanding of the bolted joint forces and then determine which bolt size will be the right one. Usually, the bolt function is to put clamp force on the joint so that the external force is not put on it. Doing so will help to make sure that there is no problem with separation. So, the bolt will be placed in the desired place and then stretched so that it can bear the tensile force.

    • No need to go for the largest bolt

    Make sure that you don’t make the mistake of going with the largest bolt. Going for the bigger bolt means the joint thickness for the given stretch will get less. Due to this, the bolted joint relaxation or embedding will not be done in the right manner.

    • No need to go for the smallest bolt

    Like we have mentioned, you should not go for the smaller bolt, in the same manner, you don’t have to get the smaller bolt. The bolt will have more stretch it needs which means there is a loss in tension.

    • Consider the bolt material

    It is important that while you look for the bolt, you consider the material. This way, you can be sure that the bolt strength is suitable for the system. You can also be sure about how much tension can be applied to it.

    When there is friction in the clamped members then joint shearing will not be done and the joint will be protected.

    Final word!

    Choosing a bolt with a small diameter and long clamp in terms of length. This also helps in reducing the clamping force which can occur to settlement. After that, go for the right kind of bolt-tightening method. If you are still confused about something, then talk to our team and choose the bolt which suits your place the best.