An Analysis Of Different Types Of Bolts Based On Their Head Types

An Introduction To Different Types Of Bolts
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  • There are certain bolts that have the ability to hold weights of thousands of kilograms of force. There are many people who would not understand the extensive role of the bolts and how it plays a significant role in making the structures that you see around.

    So it is undoubtedly a stigma that bolts are an essential part of the modern-day construction project. So basically, Cup Head Bolts Supplier can not have too many on hand.

    Now in order to find the perfect bolt to extend the life of the structural steelwork, it is necessary for you to know and understand the different types of bolts based on their head types which are available.

    In this blog, we will delve into the bolts’ usage to modernize the next construction project you will make.

    Why Do Constructions Use Cup Head Bolt?

    The cup head bolt is one of the most common bolts that the constructor uses in timber construction. These are perfect fasteners for those DIY construction enthusiasts or builders who are interested in securing multiple pieces of timber in one place. Some of the common examples of this type of bolt are chain-link fences, wooden decks, and furniture. You can get this from a reputable Thread rod Fasteners Manufacturer.

    A cup head bolt is a perfect solution in situations wherein you are finding it difficult to access the bolt head for fastening or tightening. Fasteners Manufacturer also call them carriage bolts that typically feature a domed head that has a square neck. You will be able to notice a wood-to-metal application. However, the wood-to-wood application is much more common.

     What Is A Socket Head Cap Screw?

    A socket head screw is mostly very effective as a unique type of fastener. You will be able to observe this type of bolt or screw in automotive parts or machines. Apart from that, it is also possible for the fasteners manufacturer to use these for fixtures and clamps. But do keep in mind that these types of applications are reasonably diverse.

    It is perfect for those jobs wherein you are having trouble fully turning a socket or wrenching through a full rotation. In such a situation, a socket head bolt is made for you. People can use them in different types of projects as it comes in various types of grades. Apart from that, you would also want to use a socket screw head for setting up the beginning of the assembly line at factories. This pattern is similar in the automotive industry.

     What Is A Hex Bolt?

    One of the most common bolts of all time is the hex bolt. In fact, you might have come across this type of bolt or fastening for wood or steel projects in your home itself. Apart from that, it is also an ideal bolt for larger construction projects such as buildings and public work.

    Design engineers will most of the time use hex bolts while they design bridges, docks, and also highways. In case you notice that the hex has a forged head, you can also denote it as a headed anchor bolt.