Types of screws – Wood, Machine, Lag, Sheet-Metal, Twinfast & Security

Types of screws - Wood, Machine, Lag, Sheet-Metal, Twinfast & Security
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  • The most flexible solution for the joining of two or more than two parts is the use of screws. The common characteristic which can easily be found in all the screws is the surrounding of the long shaft with the threading that is particularly spiral or helix. According to the fastener manufacturers, to bring about the ultimate perfection and finish, one should make use of the right kind of screws. If the engineer is confused about which screw will fit best the requirements and specifications of his project then he need not worry because the professional assistance of the MIG Enterprises, the best fastener suppliers in Australia help those engineers to determine which screw should they be choosing.


    • Wood screws
    As the name itself suggests that wood screws are used to join the pieces of the wooden applications. One must be wondering why only this kind of screw is used for wooden projects. Then it is because of the sharp point which makes the screw able enough to pierce through the depth of the wood.

    • Machine screws
    Machine screws are particularly used in the application which is heavy-duty emphasised. From the name, we have already guessed that these kinds of screws have everything to do with the machines only. A stove Bolt is the one kind of screw that comes under the subcategory of the machine-screws.

    • Lag screws
    These screws are the ones that are coated with zinc. These are usually available in jumbo sizes. If you have heard about the coach bolts or the lag bolts, then it is relevant to mention here that these are the other names for the lag screws. Either hot-dip galvanization or electroplating is relied on for the application of the zinc as the top coated layer.

    • Sheet Metal screws
    The name implies that this kind of screw can only be used in sheet metal, but these can also be used in wooden applications. Because of the threading at the top of the shank, these are considered an ideal kind of screw for the sheet metal because of the easy digging feature.

    • Twinfast screw
    One must be wondering, in which context the name twin fast is being used. Because of its feature that includes the use of a pair of threads rather than a single one. The contribution of this feature has made the use of these screws even more advantageous since these can be driven into the material at double the speed as compared to the conventional screws. If you are also influenced by the myth that says that the twin fast screws can only be used for the drywall, then get yourself corrected at this point, because these can also be used in the applications.

    • Security Screw
    Security screws are the most needed screws because of their design. The efficient outlining does not allow provocation of any unethical act by tampering with the application or trying to remove the security application.

    If you want to place an order for any of the above-mentioned screw types, then count on us for efficient services. Our professional help is always ready to assist you in the matter.