What are the different types of washers which are available in the market?

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  • Fasteners are available in different forms. With the fasteners manufacturer, you can find different options which are available in the market and which will be best suited. With the fasteners suppliers in Australia, you will come across different options which are made specifically as per the standards. In this blog, we are going to focus on the different types of washers.

    Types of Washers

    • Backup rivet washers

    The use of backup rivet washers helps create a large diameter which helps to hold it in place and the support is much better. Moreover, this option also helps to stop the pull-through from the rivet.

    • Belleville conical washers

    Belleville conical washers are the type that outs extra tension on the fastener to increase the assembly. The method of using it is a stack which helps in

    • Increasing the load
    • Deflection
    • Both of the above-mentioned options

    The category of these types of washers helps boost the tension and the added vibration will assist in assembly.

    • Dock washers

    Dock washers are referred to as heavy-duty washers as most of the time its use is seen in the building docks. Apart from that, it is used for heavy-duty construction when there is a need for thick washers and the inside is small.

    • Fender washers

    Fender washers are categorized as round washers and the inside of the diameter is small. It helps in stopping the pull-through and the surface will easily bear the pressure.

    • Fender washers (Extra thick)

    These have an extra thickness as compared to the above-mentioned option.

    • Finishing cup washers

    With the finishing cup washers, it goes from the cup to the head then to the fastener or screw to help to fit in. through this, the final finish is better. Their shape is like a cup.

    • Flat washers

    Flat washers come with a thin plate from the outer diameter and the hole in the centre is punched to the screw or bolt. Through these types of washers, the load is distributed with ease and the nuts & bolts will be easy to get tightened.

    • Flat washers (Extra thick)

    As compared to the flat washers these have increased thickness. The washers are present outside and the centre hole punched with the size of a screw or bolt.

    • Flat washers – 900 series

    Flat washers in the 900 series are round and thinner which makes the inside small along with the outside diameter.

    • Lock washers (Split ring)

    Lock washer’s primary reason for usage is that it stops the bolts, nuts, and screws from getting loose from their place. The washers are rings, which have a split on one end and the shape is helical.