What are effective and simple tips for using fasteners in your project?

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  • For your understanding, we have shared the tips for using the fasteners in your project.

    Tip 1: Choose the fasteners lubricant or stainless steel fasteners

    Stainless steel fasteners come with a coating that reduces the likelihood of making them oxidized. The coating can result in friction between nut & bolt during installation. During heating, the threads jam and they can weld with each other as this is known as cold welding. To reduce the risk, use fastener lubricant in a small amount as suggested by the professionals. Doing so will increase the life of the fastener.

    Tip 2: Do not let Stainless steel come in contact with saltwater

    Saltwater can result in rust which affects the longevity of fasteners. This is the reason, we suggest you choose stainless steel. It is only suggested that you opt for 316-grade stainless steel. Otherwise, the chances of rust are increased and this is the reason, stainless steel is the right choice.

    Tip 3: Always make hot-dip galvanized fasteners with other hot-dip galvanized fasteners

    Hot-dip galvanized fasteners are coated in a thick zinc protective which is referred to as hot-dip galvanization. This will reduce the problem of oxidation. The thick coating cannot be used with other materials. Fasteners which get a hot dip and the spacing will be different in terms of thickness. They are preferred to be used with one another as the compatibility problems are avoided.

    Tip 4: Choose the right size screwdriver

    The screwdriver should fit in the head, so make sure to go with the right size. When you choose the right fasteners it will go through the drive and it will not be loose. Therefore, you should choose the right sized driver, otherwise, it will strip from its place.

    Tip 5: Stainless steel and aluminum cannot be used together

    Both of these options are different from each other and to use them together you need to be specific. If these are not used correctly, the electrons will be transferred and the material quality is affected which is referred to as Galvanic corrosion.

    Tip 6: Always pre-drill hardwood before installing screws

    At times, the softer wood is there which you don’t have to include as these come with pre-drilling holes. Hardwood can easily split or crack as the screw is installed. Due to this, it affects the product finish and its integrity is also affected. So, it is better that you ore-drill, so that the entire work is not affected.

    Tip 7: Stainless Steel has a softness to it

    Stainless steel is considered soft metal and these are different options. With these hard metals, the heat will affect the properties of stainless steel. This means heat treatment.

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