What Are Rivets? What Are The Features Of Different Types Of Rivets?

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  • Rivets And Types Of Rivets, Whenever the permanent fastener is to be used for the joining of two parts, then rivet is what is counted on. The other end to the river is known as the tail. MIG Enterprises is considered the best fastener suppliers in Australia which offers the following kinds of rivets at cost-effective prices:

    • POP Rivets (Open ends)

    Blind rivets are the other name for the POP Rivets. If the two parts are to be joined rapidly and most efficiently, then the POP rivets are considered into account. Following are the characteristics of the POP Rivets:


    • These kinds of rivets are usually tubular.
    • These are generated from both the mandrel and the hat
    • The length of the Rivets is supposed to get fragmented at the time of installations.


    • Closed-End POP Rivets (Sealed)

    These rivets are distinguished from the standard pop rivet because of the following mentioned point:


    • The closed end of the rivet is supposed to generate the seal particularly watertight.


    • Large flange POP Rivets

    This variety of rivets is also known by the name of the oversize and the blind rivets. Ensuing features are supported by these rivets:


    • These do have a giant hat washer as compared to the standard rivet.
    • These are considered as the quickest solution to join two pieces of the material.


    An interesting point to remember

    The large flange POP rivets have the same characteristics as that of the open-ended POP Rivets, other than the ones which are mentioned.


    • Countersunk POP Rivets

    Flat POP Rivets is the other name for the Countersunk rivets.


    Features of the countersunk POP Rivets

    • The inverted rivet is the crucial feature because of which this rivet is chosen.
    • The composition includes – Mandrel & hat


    • Coloured rivets

    If you come across any rivet that has its hat painted with the following colours, then it is the coloured rivet:

    • White
    • Wither brown
    • Black


    Features of the Coloured rivets

    • To give the rivets a good and finished look, painting is opted for.
    • To enhance the visuals, the painting particularly of the installation material antagonist colours is counted on.


    • Multi-Grip Rivets

    These are counted when conventional rivets are to be substituted with some kind of conventional rivets.


    Features of the multi-grip rivets

    • The thickness of the rivet from the installation material is distinguishable.
    • The rivet can spread out to size.
    • It is the firmest solution to hold the two materials together.


    • Structural rivets


    This variation of the rivet is deemed as the better alternative in comparison with the stainless steel rivet.



    A special rivet tool is used to apply the required force for the installation of the rivet.


    • Tri-Fold Rivets

    These are the exploding rivets.



    • The hat of the rivet is folded outward because of the three cuts in it.
    • These are better than the Standard POP Rivets as far as the following points are concerned:
    • Better strength
    • Gripping power