What are the differences you need to understand between bolts and screws?

What are the differences you need to understand between bolts and screws?
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  • If you go through the wordfinder, then you will notice that there is no difference between screws and bolts. It is easy to combine all things but in the process of doing that many important features are left out. Being the maestro of Fasteners Suppliers in Australia, we ensure that the customers are aware of what they are purchasing. For years we have been serving the clients and this has made us reach to the top as the Fasteners Manufacturer.

    Understanding the difference

    If you see them through the naked eyes, you won’t find any major difference between the 2. Well! It is not merely about the threaded fixings and the presence of the head for fastener tightening. There are a whole lot of other things present in it.

    Do you know?

    There is no need of threading the bolt to the end as there is a plain portion in it. On the other hand, the screw needs to be threaded to the head end.

    What is a screw?

    The screw installation is made on the tapped hole, provided that the one you are using is a self-tapping screw that will thread on its own.

    No need to be bothered about getting the nuts. They will be fixed into the place by tightening them into the hole with the driver bit or screwdriver.

    The size of the screws is shorter in width as compared to the material which they need to be screwed into. This way, they won’t come out hanging out from the other side.

    What is a screw?

    Bolts manufacturing is done so that they can be fixed into the specific type of nut.

    The bolt hole is not opened up as the bolt is pushed inside and secured in the place through the nut into the material which needs to be fastened.

    The bolt is longer as compared to the material width as it needs to come out from the other side so that it can be screwed into the nut.

    The bolt material which is inside will increase the strength and it will easily bear the resistant forces which are not possible with the threaded screws.

    Spanner or other tool is used for the fastening which grips the head till the time the nut is getting tight.

    Use of bolts and screws for the security applications

    When security is of pivotal importance, the bolts and screws are needed to make the applications being used properly and maintaining the security.

    For instance:

    If there is no need for removal then shear bolts make the right choice.

    If there is removal fixing, then the head is an important consideration as the drive which needs to be removed & fixed is not found easily.

    Security drivers are there which needs to match the security screw head. This way any type of tempering won’t be done. For the ultimate security, they are an important consideration.

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