What are the different quality fastener materials and their properties?

What are the different quality fastener materials and their properties
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  • Exploring Fastener Materials

    Fastener’s materials are available in different options, right from aluminum, steel to titanium, or exotic materials. When you get these from the best fasteners manufacturer, you can be sure the quality is not compromised at any level. Also, the fasteners suppliers in Australia will ensure that you get the best option to ensure your project is completed on time.

    To differentiate between the materials, they are given ‘Grades’. So, what is the purpose of the grades? It allows to differentiate between:

    • Alloy mixtures
    • Material Strength
    • Hardening processes

    Material strength is boosted by adding coating and plating, through this they become corrosion-resistance. The selection of fasteners is important to make your project a success. There are several factors which are taken into account and some of them are:

    • Material is corrosion-resistant or not
    • Material is brittle or not
    • Material is resilient or not

    Understanding the difference between the aspects will allow you to choose something which is perfect in every sense and your project will be a success.

    Different materials and their properties

    Stainless Steel

    Stainless steel is an alloy that is integrated with chromium and low carbon steel. It is the most preferred choice due to its corrosion resistance property. The anti-corrosive property is the major part of the metal which reduces the chances of corrosion which is triggered during installation.

    This material is prone to galling, which makes them weak as compared to hardened steel fasteners. There are certain grades of this material that have a less magnetic property.

     Silicone bronze

    Silicone bronze is a type of alloy which is combined with tin, copper, and silicon in small amounts. Primarily, it is preferred in marine environment applications as well as for wooden boat constructions. Its color appearance makes it the best choice. In case, you are on a budget then you cannot consider this option.


    Brass is a type of alloy which is a combination of zinc, copper, and other strong materials. Both the benefits of these materials are present in brass. The corrosion resistance property and electrically conductive property make it the preferred option. Although, its use is limited because of the softness it is used in several applications as its appearance is the best.

    Alloy steel

    Alloy steel is a type of carbon steel that is known for the various elements like manganese, silicon, and chromium. All these are known for increasing the strength and ductility is higher even with heat treatment.


    Aluminum is soft and light metal which makes it a corrosion-resistance material. But, these features make their use limited and that is just for certain applications only. Its properties will not make any difference in the material even with friction & scratch.

    Different fasteners are made with aluminum alloys and there are different elements like iron, magnesium, silicon, and zinc. The combination of these is known for increasing strength.