What are the types of fasteners and how are they used in different projects?

What are the types of fasteners and how are they used in different projects
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  • Fasteners are helpful to join 2 or more objects with each other, which can be permanent or non-permanent. With the fastener manufacturer, you can get the different fasteners and each of them has its purpose.

    Permanent Fasteners

    It includes rivets and nails which helps to join the material with each other permanently. If you remove the fastener then it destroys it.

    Non-Permanent fasteners

    This includes the bolts and screws, which are an important part of industrial projects.

    Threaded Fasteners

    Threaded fasteners are the most common option which is best in assembling options due to the ease as the installation and uninstallation will be done. The threaded fasteners are divided into 3 main types:

    • Screws
    • Bolts
    • Studs

    Bolts have a head on one part and the other end is threaded. This is mostly used in conjunction with a nut and this helps to stay in one place. Screws are the same as bolts as the head on one and thread on the other.

    Studs are threaded from both ends and there is no head in it. It allows the components to get joined with each other and threaded from internally. The threads have 2 major standards which include:

    • ANSI
    • ISO

    Types of Threaded Fastener

    Bolts and Set Screws

    Bolts and Set Screws contain a hexagonal head along the thread and it can be used in different methods. Like with a nut and threaded hole. Bolts have a shank below the head and up the head it is threaded.

    Carriage Bolts

    It is also referred to as cup square hex bolts and the head is extremely round & beneath it, there is a square. With this, the metal to wood will be kept secure in one place.

    Eye Bolts

    Eyebolts have a circular ring and it allows the rope to get fixed with each other or chain to the surface.


    U-bolts are helpful to attack objects which are round like tubes and pipes. It can be attached to the wall or any other surface.

    Wood Screws

    For a tapered point or smooth shank, it is the ideal choice. You can use them with wood and they are available in different shapes like slotted, pozidriv, or Philips.

    Button, Socket Cap, and Countersunk.

    Grub Screws

    Grub screws come under the category of the special screw and there is no presence of a head with it. Their use will help to stop the rotation or movement between more than one part.


    Nuts are used in combination with bolts and the most preferred option is Hexagonal nuts. For different projects, there are different options.

    Hex Nuts

    It is an internal thread with a hexagonal nut. It is one of the most preferred and is used in various applications and industries.

    Lock Nuts

    Locknuts are used when there is a need for locking but no need to clamp them with other objects. Other nuts are shear nuts, wing nuts, and nylon insert nuts.