What do you need to know to select the right material for screw fasteners?

What do you need to know to select the right material for screw fasteners
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  • Customer fasteners are manufactured with different materials. But that does not mean you can choose any one of the options to complete your project. If you are unsure of how to make the best selection, then the fasteners manufacturer can provide you with the best information. Through the fasteners suppliers in Australia, it makes it easier to have all those fastener selections which can work well in any condition. Some of the best materials for screw fasteners are mentioned in this blog.

    Which are the best options for customer fastener materials?

    Steel Fasteners

    Steel is available in different forms and strength, but the 4 most common options for the best custom-made fasteners are mentioned below:

    • Low carbon steel

    It is best suited for different applications like automotive manufacturing, machine manufacturing, and medical manufacturing. Although, in terms of strength it is not the best choice.

    • Medium carbon steel

    It is used for manufacturing automotive parts and the strength is medium-level.

    • Alloy steel

    It is used in socket head products or critical joints as it helps in giving an increased level of strength.

    • Stainless Steel

    It is best for different applications and it is based on the grade. This option provides corrosion resistance property and medium-level strength.

    Titanium Fasteners

    Titanium fasteners are referred to as a premium choice to manufacturer fasteners from which provides an increased level of strength. Apart from that, it is best in terms of offering corrosion resistance property and lessening the impact of wear & tear. These fasteners are used in different applications and most of the time, it is used in the aerospace industry.

    Brass Fasteners

    Brass is considered the common option for copper-based alloy. You can buy it under your budget and the manufacturing cost is less. The strength comes at a low scale but it offers a great level of corrosion resistance. The brass fasteners are a suitable option for marine requirements or cosmetic things. 

    Aluminum Fasteners

    Aluminum is known for providing different benefits and this is the reason it is used in the form of fasteners also. It is economical and versatile as compared to other options. The aluminum fasteners are best suited for lightweight applications. This material is known for offering low strength but corrosion resistance property makes it the best choice.

    On the other hand, when it is used in combination with other metals, it is like mild steel but the weight is extremely less.

    Talk to the professionals

    To start with the best and right choice, it is important to take help from the experts. The availability of different options can make it difficult to select the best option.