What is Bolt tensioning? What is the importance of the proper torque value?

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  • Torque = Twisting Force * Distance

    In the US, it is measured in the foot or inch-pounds, but in Europe, it is the Newton meters. Talking about the distance, it could be exactly as the length of the wrench, (probably 2 feet) and when the hand will be used to apply the force (2-foot wrench). Mig Enterprises is working on the aim to provide quality material to their fasteners suppliers.

    What is meant by the bolt tensioning?

    As we all know, it is torque only that is responsible for creating the tension. The customary use of the bolts is the affixing of the two components so that it becomes easy for them to have resistance concerning tensile and the other shearing forces. The bolt is stretched when the additional torque causes the nut to turn.

    What happens when the bolt stretches?

    When the bolt stretches, then it comes out to be a solid spring. This spring is responsible for clamping the components together.

    Did you know?

    If the tensile load is not exceeding the clamp load, then the components can not be expected to pull apart.

    When the loads are great, the escalated friction is supposed to be preventing the relative motion of the components which will help to prevent the material failure.

    On which factors does it depend on how much of the torque load is needed?

    Based on the below-mentioned factors, it is determined that how much of the torque load is needed:

    • The material properties of the load

    • The purpose

    What is the vitality of having proper torque?

    It is up to you whether you want to under or over-torque the bolt. But considering an under torqued bolt will deform the clamping force or may not be able to provide the same as needed.

    In case, you are considering the over-torqued bolt, then it will get a break.

    Which kind of tools would you be requiring and how are you supposed to take care of them?

    Torque Wrenches

    These are quite much helpful for you to measure the amount of the torque that is to be applied on either of the following:

    • Analog

    • Digital Formats

    To make sure that it is functioning most reliably, you are supposed to take care of it.

    It is a precision instrument whose care and maintenance, you cannot be compared with the following:

    • Screwdriver

    • Hammer

    How can the maintenance of the proper tension help the bolts to stay tight?

    If the design, development of the clamping force and the extremely suitable retention drives are in the trio combination, then it can surely help to reliably secure the bolted joint in the wake of many of the raised challenges.

    What are the features of the good bolted joint?

    The good bolted joint is designed with the:

    • Proper Size

    • Nut

    • Bolts

    A good bolted joint must be able to maintain the integrity of the joint by specifying the optimal amount of tension and for achieving the clamping force.

    Bottom Line

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