What is galling and how to prevent it? Is the damage caused by falling reversible?

What is galling and how to prevent it Is the damage caused by falling reversible
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  • When the friction and the adhesions showcase their combined effect during sliding, then galling comes into existence. The galling leads to the formation of the lumps since the material from one surface gets attached to another.

    So as you might have guessed, today we are talking about the galling process in detail.

    What about the thread surfaces?

    If we talk about the thread surfaces, then the small points present are accountable for creating friction when fastening is going on. Then they face difficulty in sliding over each other. But the good and satisfying thing is that the overall damage is not experienced.

    Which factor is considered more crucial to find out the tendency of the galling?

    As far as the ductility of the material is concerned, the use of the harder materials is suggested to avoid the effect of the galling. The harder materials are usually more resistant.

    What do you know about the thread galling?

    When the installation is going on, then thread galling is something that is supposed to take place. The threads of the bolt can get affected due to the following:

      • The excess pressure
      • The excessive friction

    Ultimately it seizes the threads which have the trapped holes.

    What is irreversible when the galling happens?

    You cannot get rid of the damage without taking the following into account:

      • Splitting the nut
      • Cutting the bolt

    Which bolts are prone to experience the galling phenomena?

    The bolts which are made up of the following materials are usually more prone to get galled than the others:

      • Stainless Steel
      • Aluminium
      • Other variations of the steel
      • Titanium

    Important information

    If you want to install the galling proof fastener in your project, then you should consider using the zinc plated hardened steel.

    How can you prevent the galling from happening?

    The friction and the adhesion produce heat which leads to the galling. It is the primary source of galling.

    A little piece of the advice

    It is advised that you should avoid the use of power tools while installing materials that are not immune to the galling.

      • Avoid bolts

    To pull the materials together to achieve the correct position is not the function of the bolts. But if you use the bolts for such purposes, then there are higher chances that the galling will be sure to occur.

      • Apply a lubricant

    The possibility of galling can be significantly minimised if you use lubricants. These provide smooth sliding and thus help to reduce friction.

      • Do not use the deteriorated threads

    It is advised that you should no be using the threads which are:

      • Damaged
      • Dented
      • Dirrty
      • Do not pursue id the fastener starts to bind

    If the fastener gets bound before you tighten it down, then do not carry out the subsequent operations. You should let it rest for a couple of minutes as the heat must leave.

    Bottom Line

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