Why do people choose MIG Enterprises? Why are they so recognized?

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  • MIG Enterprises are regarded as the best fastener manufacturer in Australia. These have gained so much fame as they never send the products out in the market for sale unless they have tested all the aspects of the same. Here in this blog, we would make you aware of all the tests and their aspects which we, being the most acclaimed fastener suppliers in Australia carry out.

    Which kind of tests are performed on the fasteners?

    The following are the kinds of tests performed on the fasteners:

    • Torque vs. Tension Testing

    • Friction Coefficient Testing

    • Lock Nut Prevailing Torque

    • Breakthrough Torque Testing

    • Yield Determination Testing

    • Assembly Strategy Testing

    • Bolted Joint Analysis & Troubleshooting

    • Bolted Joint Modeling and Analysis

    Which methods are usually used?

    There are several kinds of test methods that measure the mechanical properties like the following:

    • Hardness

    • Tensile Strength

    • Torsional Strength

    • Corrosion

    • Hydrogen Embrittlement

    These standards are accountable for providing the baseline information which is required for the proper interpretation of the following:

    • Friction Coefficient

    • Torque Tension

    • Angular Ductility

    Did you know?

    Once the basic information regarding the strength of the material and the coefficient of the friction and everything about the basic material strength is known, then the torque angle signature can help you to obtain the most valuable information.

    Where do we need to start?

    For the analysis process, to begin with, the torque angle signature is considered the greatest starting point. For the determination of the underhead and the thread friction, it is one of the best techniques.

    Did you know?

    It is important to study the torque angle curve when the fasteners are supposed to be tightened. It helps to analyze the performance of the threaded fasteners as far as the bolted joints are concerned.

    Which are the other factors that convince you of why you should consider us for a fastener purchase?

    One of the detailed descriptions about the convincing factor is given above. And that is the testing. The fasteners are never out for sale unless the proper testing is done. Every aspect of the fasteners is tested. But apart from that, there are other things as well for which you can praise us:

    • Custom Manufacturing

    We know that not everybody finds the standard size of the fasteners as suitable. As different projects have different requirements for the fasteners. So not all the customers do get satisfied with the custom manufacturing faculties of the fastener manufacturers. But if you have chosen MIG Enterprises then you need not think even twice regarding that.

    • We deliver the orders on time

    We know that like us, our customers o have deadlines which they have to complete. If we do not deliver the ordered things on time, then the whole of the deadline chain will get spoiled so we do not want a contributor of such things.

    Bottom Line

    If you also want to order the custom fasteners or want the fasteners that contribute to making your project a success, then please rely on us.